Coh&Co’s Siggi: Revolutionizing Urban Commuting with a Lightweight, Foldable Design

Lightweight, foldable, customizable urban e-bike

In the realm of urban agility and pure, uncomplicated freedom, few things can compete with the magic of a lightweight, compact bicycle that carries you swiftly through the city's veins. An example of such a marvel is the newest offering from Danish bike makers, Coh&Co – a folding commuter named Siggi. Revealed at the recent Eurobike exhibition, Siggi is not just another urban runabout – it's an engineering marvel.

A first glance at Siggi evokes thoughts of minimalist art with a functional twist. The frame, as slender as it is durable, is crafted from a proprietary composite material, StoneWeave, a brilliant blend of carbon fiber and basalt. This fusion of materials is not only robust and lightweight but also fully recyclable, striking a refreshing chord with eco-conscious urbanites. This StoneWeave composition extends to the left-side fork, further enhancing the bike's compact fold. The rear rack, in a splendid double duty role, serves as a parked stand. A handle-like top tube further adds to the convenience, making it a breeze to carry around.

Incorporated into the design is an element of the elastomer, front and back, to soften the city's uneven terrain beneath you. The foldable aluminum handlebar has been thoughtfully designed to adjust to different rider sizes or style. It's a bike that stands on the scale, remarkably light, tipping it at a mere 10 kg (22 lbs).

Siggi caters to a variety of preferences. You can choose it as a single-speed PAS electric or as an e-bike with a four-gear internal hub. But for those who prefer to generate their own momentum, there's an option without a motor, outfitted with a Shimano Alfine 11-speed gearset.

The electric versions come with the brilliance of Italy's Zehus Motors, featuring a nifty all-in-one hub drive. The motor and battery are neatly integrated into a single rear hub. This hub provides a smooth assist when pedaling forward, and it cleverly charges the battery during back pedaling.

Quick acceleration in the city is guaranteed with 20-inch wheels shod with 35-mm tires, while hydraulic disc brakes offer reassuring stopping power. A carbon fiber seatpost, capped with a “road” saddle, assures comfort during your urban expeditions.

Coh&Co is currently rallying funds on Indiegogo, and for those captivated by this blend of function and design, Siggi can be yours starting at €1,610 (approximately US$1,765). Extra features like the single-speed e-bike add-on or the Zehus drive plus gears come at additional costs. Shipping is expected to begin worldwide in January 2024, barring any unexpected twists.

Is Siggi the future of urban commuting? Possibly. This bike indeed represents a thoughtful synthesis of materials, engineering, and user experience. It takes the raw essence of cycling – freedom, agility, simplicity – and frames it in a modern, eco-friendly context. With its intuitive features and sleek design, it certainly is a fascinating addition to the world of urban mobility.


  1. Innovative Materials: The Siggi bike is constructed using a proprietary blend of carbon fiber and basalt, dubbed StoneWeave. This material is not only durable but also fully recyclable, contributing to a sustainable design.
  2. Lightweight and Compact: Weighing in at just 10 kg (22 lb), the bike is easy to handle and maneuver, particularly in urban settings. The folding design allows it to be stored under a desk, in a car trunk, or even carried onboard public transportation.
  3. Flexible Configuration: Siggi can be customized according to rider preference, available as a single-speed PAS electric, an e-bike with a four-gear internal hub, or a non-motorized version equipped with a Shimano Alfine 11-speed gearset.
  4. Integrated Electric Drive: The electric versions of the bike feature a unique all-in-one hub drive from Zehus Motors, where the motor and battery are combined into a single rear hub. This design simplifies the structure and reduces the weight of the bike, while providing pedal assist and regenerative braking.
  5. Adjustable Handlebar: The foldable aluminum handlebar can be adjusted to suit different rider sizes or styles, adding a layer of personalization and comfort.


  1. Crowdfunding Risk: The bike is currently being funded through Indiegogo, which, like all crowdfunding platforms, carries a degree of risk. Delays in production and delivery are not uncommon, and there is always the chance that the project might not be completed.
  2. Cost: Siggi is not a budget option. The base model starts at €1,610 (around US$1,765), and extra features like the single-speed e-bike add-on or the Zehus drive plus gears come at additional costs, which could make the bike unaffordable for some potential buyers.
  3. Unknown Longevity: While the StoneWeave material is touted as being durable, there is currently no long-term data available to verify its endurance and resilience over time, especially under the wear and tear of urban commuting.
  4. Limited Availability: As of now, worldwide shipping is expected to start in January 2024. This means interested buyers will have to wait, potentially missing out on immediate cycling opportunities or opting for readily available alternatives.


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