Coco CG1 by New Balance: Dive into Dynamic FuelCell Technology & Bold Aesthetics

Retro design meets modern performance

There's a rhythm to every sport, a particular dance we all must learn when stepping onto the playing field, be it the court, the pitch, or the kitchen (but that's another story). But there's a rare magic to tennis. The agile slide, the strategic sprint, the almost martial precision it requires, these all demand a very particular set of tools. It seems the New Balance Coco CG1 is designed to be that tool for tennis phenom Coco Gauff.

With a price tag of $169, one would expect these sneakers to be versatile, stylish, and high-performing. And it seems they mostly deliver on that promise. Rooted in the aesthetics of the 90s and influenced by basketball silhouettes, the Coco CG1 is indeed a head-turner. Its multi-piece upper construction and bold color-blocking make for an expressive shoe, a visual tribute to a rising star in the world of tennis.

But aesthetics aside, there's function. The mid cut, designed to shield those fragile ankles, is a thoughtful touch. The NDurance rubber outsole's tackiness might be a point of contention for those athletes who revel in a glide, but for most, it could mean better grip and control on the court. Speaking of control, the Saddle gore band seems to promise that – a secure grip on your foot, ensuring you're as agile as can be in those nail-biting moments.

Lightness in a tennis shoe is key. The mesh and NDure forefoot appear to promise both breathability and a snug fit, although, there are whispers that these kicks might get a little steamy under relentless sun. It might be wise to keep an extra pair of socks, just in case.

The addition of FuelCell foam and the Energy Arc technology suggests these aren't just any ordinary tennis shoes. They're designed to give back, to propel you, to make every jump, every slide, every sprint worth the effort.

But, here's where things get interesting. Coco's influence isn’t just in the functionality, but in the little details. The graffiti-style signature speaks of her love for art, fashion, and technology. And as for the family details? The coordinates of her childhood court, her siblings' names, and more make these shoes deeply personal. They're not just a tool for the court, but a narrative of Coco's journey.

In essence, the Coco CG1 is more than a tennis shoe. It's a story, a tool, and a statement. Whether it’s right for you, well, that's a dance you'll have to figure out. But it seems they might just be worth taking for a spin on the court.


  1. Stylish Design: Rooted in the '90s aesthetics and influenced by basketball silhouettes, the multi-piece upper construction and bold color-blocking make it a fashion-forward choice.
  2. Ankle Support: The mid cut offers enhanced protection and support for the ankles.
  3. Traction: The NDurance rubber outsole provides a tacky grip that's beneficial for those wanting stability.
  4. Support and Stability: The Saddle gore band ensures a locked-in feeling, particularly beneficial for side-to-side cuts.
  5. Flexibility: The shoes offer a balance between snugness and flexibility, requiring minimal break-in time.
  6. High-Performance Technologies: The FuelCell foam and Energy Arc technology are designed to offer increased energy return, driving the player forward.
  7. Durable Construction: NDure toe guard and the NDurance rubber outsole aim to provide a longer lifespan for the shoe, especially in high-wear areas.
  8. Personal Touches: Coco's graffiti-style signature and family details, such as the coordinates of her childhood court, make this shoe unique and personal.
  9. Lightweight: At 404 grams (14.3 oz), the shoe offers a balance between structure and agility.


  1. Breathability Issues: The shoes might have limited ventilation, potentially leading to sweaty feet during intensive games or in hot weather.
  2. Overly Grippy for Some: The tackiness of the outsole might not be suitable for players who prefer sliding out of shots or desire a less grippy feel.
  3. Price: At $169, they might be considered pricey for some individuals, especially those not keen on high-performance features.


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