Caviar’s Herzog Royal Porsche Electric Bike: A Limited Edition Masterpiece

Luxurious, exclusive, high-performance electric bike

Imagine yourself conquering the peaks of aesthetics, gliding through the city or countryside on a piece of art that combines luxury, precision, and the spirit of innovation. Caviar, renowned for its craftsmanship in customizing luxury electronics, has outdone itself with the Herzog Royal Porsche Electric Bike, an exquisite blend of performance and opulence.

Built upon the solid foundation of the Porsche eBike Cross 3rd Gen, this bike isn't just a vehicle; it's a statement. It captures Porsche's legendary quality and high performance, making it an ideal canvas for Caviar’s artistry. The customization process is an intricate dance of replacing parts and adorning others, resulting in a masterpiece that is both visually stunning and mechanically superior.

This bike gleams with gold PVD-coated titanium, a material as durable as it is beautiful. The wear-resistant 18-karat gold alloy used in its construction ensures longevity and a perpetual shine that speaks of elegance and resilience. The tactile pleasure of genuine leather adds a layer of comfort, inviting you to experience the ride as much as the bike itself.

The name Herzog is steeped in history, drawing a direct line to the Württemberg Dukes of Stuttgart, where Porsche was born. The regal name is more than fitting for a bike of this caliber, echoing the aristocratic lineage and the storied heritage of the Porsche brand. The deer antlers from the Württemberg family coat of arms, which appear in the Porsche logo, are a subtle nod to this connection.

As a testament to Caviar’s attention to detail and customer devotion, each Herzog owner will receive a customized iPhone, designed in the style of their luxurious ride. This thoughtful gift enhances the sense of exclusivity and personal connection to the product.

With only nine units available, each priced at $44,000, the Herzog Royal Porsche Electric Bike is a rare gem, set to launch in early 2025. It's not just a bike; it’s an experience, a luxury ride that promises to turn heads and deliver unparalleled joy to those who seek the pinnacle of style and performance.


  1. Luxurious Design: The bike features gold PVD-coated titanium and genuine leather, providing a high-end, luxurious appearance.
  2. High Performance: Built on the Porsche eBike Cross 3rd Gen platform, it ensures excellent performance and reliability.
  3. Exclusivity: With only 9 units available, it offers a unique and exclusive ownership experience.
  4. Historical Connection: The Herzog name and design elements tie into Porsche’s rich heritage, adding cultural and historical significance.
  5. Custom iPhone: Each purchase includes a customized iPhone, adding extra value and a personal touch to the product.


  1. High Price: The bike costs $44,000, making it accessible only to a very wealthy clientele.
  2. Limited Availability: The production run of only 9 units makes it extremely limited, potentially frustrating interested buyers.
  3. Maintenance Costs: The use of luxurious materials and intricate design could lead to higher maintenance and repair costs.
  4. Niche Market: Its appeal is limited to a very specific market segment, reducing its broader market attractiveness.
  5. Practicality Concerns: The luxurious elements may be seen as excessive for a bike, prioritizing aesthetics over practical functionality.


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