Carbon-Crafted Beast: Ducati Powerstage RR’s Revolution in Off-Road Endurance

Ducati's powerful, exclusive e-enduro masterpiece

In the world of electric mountain bikes, the Ducati Powerstage RR Limited Edition undoubtedly stands in a league of its own. This e-enduro doesn't just promise an experience – it delivers a soul-stirring, blood-pumping, mind-bending journey that'll leave you gasping for more.

Limited to only 230 numbered units, each Powerstage RR is a unique piece of art and performance. Cloaked in a special livery designed by Aldo Drudi and Centro Stile Ducati, its design breathes an unparalleled character that's inspired by the Desmosedici GP23.

At the core of this beast is a carbon fiber frame that's been rigorously tested on the most extreme off-road routes. The arrangement of carbon layers and fiber weave is based on advanced FEM (Finite Element Analysis), ensuring maximum performance and resilience. No inch is left unoptimized, from the reinforced engine area to the stiffness in the front and rear sections – every aspect of this bike has been carefully considered and executed.

The Shimano EP801 engine brings the thunder with 85Nm of torque, ensuring you get maximum fluidity, naturalness, and power at all cadences. It's a tiny titan, weighing just 5.9 lb, yet delivers 250 Watts of rated power. And with two pre-configured assistance profiles, ‘long ride' and ‘fast ride', you can tailor your experience depending on the journey ahead.

To complement the powerhouse engine, the Öhlins RXF38 m.2 air fork and spring shock absorber provide exceptional ride control. This is some of the best equipment in the market, with rebound and compression adjustments at both high and low speeds, granting you full control regardless of the terrain. It's not just about power and speed with the RR, it's about the tactility of the ride, feeling every twist and turn, and conquering it.

The 12-speed electronic SRAM shifter is another marvel on this e-enduro, offering precise, never out-of-time shifting. The ‘wireless' system even has a self-protection mechanism against shocks. And with the SRAM AXS app, you can customize controls and their functions to suit your style.

If you're someone who values the marriage of beauty and brawn, you'll appreciate the full carbon rims from Crankbrothers, which not only improve steering precision but also add a sleek aesthetic edge. And let's not forget the Pirelli tyres – robust with a high-profile tread to tackle any challenging route you set your heart on.

All of this power needs a braking system to match, and the Ducati Powerstage RR has it. The ‘made in Italy' braking system, CNC-machined with custom Ducati levers, allows you to adapt the brake force and contact point of the pads on the disc. So no matter how wild or fast you ride, you're always in control.

In sum, the Ducati Powerstage RR is more than just a bike. It's an adventure waiting to happen. It's a statement of who you are and what you're capable of. And with only 230 units available, it's an exclusive club for those daring enough to embrace the power, performance, and adrenaline rush it offers. Get ready to ride the edge, feel the rush, and taste the thrill. This is what life in the extreme lane feels like. Buckle up, it's going to be an exhilarating ride.


  1. Incredible Performance: With the Shimano EP801 engine delivering 85Nm of torque and 250 Watts of rated power, you can expect top-tier performance from this e-enduro.
  2. Exceptional Control: The Öhlins suspension, with the RXF38 m.2 air fork and spring-loaded shock absorber, provide advanced ride control. This means better responsiveness and stability in various terrains and conditions.
  3. Customizable Experience: The Shimano engine offers two pre-configured assistance profiles and up to 15 customization modes via the Shimano ‘E-Tube Project' App. Similarly, the SRAM GX AXS rear derailleur lets you customize control settings via the Sram AXS app.
  4. High-Quality Materials and Design: The carbon fiber frame, rims, and handlebars contribute to the bike's durability and performance. The frame's arrangement and fiber weave have been optimized using FEM (Finite Element Analysis) for better resilience.
  5. Exclusive and Limited Edition: Only 230 numbered units of this model are available, making it an exclusive product for those who manage to get one.
  6. Impressive Safety Measures: The braking system allows for a wide range of adjustments, while the SRAM shifter has a self-protection mechanism against shocks, ensuring a safe ride even at high speeds or in tough conditions.


  1. High Price: At $11,990, the Powerstage RR is quite expensive. It might not be accessible to everyone, especially casual riders or those on a budget.
  2. Limited Availability: The fact that only 230 units are being produced means it may not be readily available for interested buyers. This exclusivity could turn into a downside if the units sell out quickly.
  3. Weight: Despite the carbon fiber construction, the bike might still be heavier than non-electric enduro bikes due to the motor and battery components.
  4. Maintenance: The advanced technology and componentry may require specialized care or servicing, which could potentially add to the overall cost and time spent on maintenance.
  5. Battery Life: While the Shimano 630Wh battery is likely to provide ample power for most rides, long-distance or multi-day off-road trips might require careful energy management or access to charging facilities.


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