Canyon Stitched CFR Trial: Master Every Obstacle, Every Time

Agile, Durable, Precise, Professional-Grade Trials

So, you're the sort of urban maverick who wants to turn your city or mountain trail into your personal playground, huh? If you've been looking for a bike that's basically the two-wheeled embodiment of a Swiss Army knife, the Canyon Stitched CFR Trial is probably your jam.

We're talking a bike that's inspired by none other than Fabio Wibmer, the guy who makes riding look like a cross between ballet and a Marvel movie action sequence. Trust me, if there's someone's signature components you want on a trials bike, it's Fabio's. And they didn't just slap his name on the thing, they put in the real work. The frame is carbon, but it's not your average carbon. It’s built with Impact Protection construction, weaving in extra impact-resistant material into the carbon layup. You can bunny hop off a small building and not worry about it crumbling under you. The thing only weighs around 1,600 grams, which is ridiculous for something so robust.

Now, about those wheels. Ever tried wrestling with a bike that feels like a tank when you're trying to nail a technical move? You won't have that issue here. These are 24-inch wheels designed to be as nimble as they are sturdy, making it feel like you're riding a feather that can also take a punch. The short chainstays, that's the section of frame between your pedals and the rear wheel, are there to make sure you can twist and turn this machine as easily as you'd twist the cap off a bottle of your favorite brew.

The drivetrain and chain tensioner are finely tuned pieces of engineering. No rattling or missed gear shifts, just a silky-smooth chain that keeps its place like a well-trained dog. When you're tackling obstacles, the last thing you need is to be troubleshooting your bike. This lets you focus on what matters: the trail, the ramp, the rail, or whatever you're about to make your playground.

And can we talk about the brakes for a moment? The Magura MT7's are the kind of stopping power you want when you're playing fast and loose with gravity. A 4-piston caliper crafted from forged aluminum makes sure you can hit the brakes and stop on a dime, which is sometimes necessary when you're pushing the envelope.

Tires, often the unsung heroes, are Continental Air Kings. These bad boys can grip surfaces like Spider-Man climbing a skyscraper, thanks to their Black Chili rubber compound.

Finally, the cockpit is also straight from Fabio’s playbook. A high-rise aluminum bar, combined with a matching stem, keeps you perfectly balanced, especially when you need to shift your weight over the rear wheel, whether you're about to do an endo or pull off some equally insane trick.

Pedals aren't included, which is cool because you probably have your own favorites anyway. But they toss in a bunch of accessories like reflector sets and a quick-start guide to make sure you can hop on and start causing a commotion as quickly as possible.

So, is the Canyon Stitched CFR Trial for you? If you're reading this, you already know the answer. Go ahead, make the city your playground.


  1. Carbon Frame with Impact Protection: The bike's carbon frame isn't just lightweight; it's also reinforced for maximum durability. You get a frame that can take a beating without compromising on weight.
  2. High-Quality Signature Components: Fabio Wibmer’s personal touch ensures top-of-the-line components and design features. This is a bike built to professional standards.
  3. Lightweight Design: With a total frame weight of just around 1,600 grams, this bike is incredibly easy to handle, making it ideal for tricks and technical moves.
  4. 24-Inch Wheels for Agility: The wheel size has been chosen to prioritize maneuverability, giving you greater control in a variety of scenarios.
  5. Short Chainstays: The compact design between the pedals and rear wheel allows for quick, sharp turns and maximum agility.
  6. Precision Braking: The Magura MT7 brakes provide extreme stopping power with a 4-piston caliper, giving you confidence in your control over the bike.
  7. High-Quality Tires: The Continental Air Kings with Black Chili rubber offer excellent grip, enhancing overall performance.
  8. Customizable Cockpit: The cockpit's dimensions and setup are tailored for trials, enabling precise weight shifts and easy handling.


  1. High Cost: At £2,499, this isn't a beginner's bike or an impulse purchase. You're investing in top-quality, professional-grade equipment.
  2. Pedals Not Included: Although some riders prefer to choose their own pedals, it could be seen as a downside that these are not included in the initial package.
  3. Limited Audience: This is a specialized bike, meaning it may not be the best choice for general-purpose riding or for those new to the trials scene.
  4. Complex Setup: With its high-level components and features, this bike might require a bit more setup and understanding of trials-specific configurations.
  5. Single Chainring and Sprocket: The specialized design focuses on trials performance, potentially limiting its versatility for other types of riding.
  6. Weight Concerns for Some: While the bike is light for its robust features, some ultra-competitive riders might still aim for something even lighter.

So, if you're serious about your trials riding and are looking for a bike that won't hold you back, the pros here far outweigh the cons. This is a machine built for those who want to push the boundaries of what's possible on two wheels.


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