Canyon Speedmax CFR Track: A Symphony of Aerodynamics & Elite Collaboration

Canyon's pinnacle of track cycling

Venturing into the heart of Glasgow, the spotlight shines brightly on Canyon’s newest contender – the Speedmax CFR Track. Poised to make its racing debut at the 2023 World Championships, this machine is not just another track bike, but a statement from Canyon about the future of high-speed cycling.

First things first: its profile. The Speedmax CFR Track is, without doubt, a sleek beast. Its narrow stance, challenging the conventional designs of its competitors, makes it stand out from the pack. It begs the question: why go wide when narrow offers the same aerodynamic advantages with added stiffness? The team at Canyon challenges the status quo, and they've got the results to prove their theory correct.

At the heart of this track bike is its unique fork design. With deep legs yet a surprisingly narrow width – thanks primarily to its custom 40mm-wide axle – it’s evident that Canyon is pushing boundaries. It's no small departure from the typical 100mm axles, but it’s this daring approach that sets the Speedmax CFR Track apart. This innovative design also comes with a requirement: Canyon’s custom wheels. Built for precision and to complement the bike's unique stance, these wheels truly are the bike’s perfect dancing partner.

There's an aesthetic appeal here, too. The top tube extends past the aero seatpost, with narrow seat stays extending like graceful wings from the frame. The design seems almost sculptural, converging form and function seamlessly.

But Canyon doesn’t stop there. Their wheelset breaks from tradition by optimizing around 25mm-wide clincher tyres. Their research suggests that this width offers the fastest speeds for track racing, bucking the 18-20mm norm. And let's not skip past their endorsement of clincher setups over tubular ones. The convenience and speed they promise with this setup is intriguing. It’s a hint that Canyon isn’t just creating bikes; they’re starting revolutions.

One of the crown jewels of this setup, quite literally, is the cockpit. Developed with insights from cyclist Chloé Dygert's preference, Canyon enhances the design by integrating adjustable finger hooks and broader armrests. The comfort level is paramount here, striking a delicate balance with aerodynamic efficiency.

The price tag? A cool $18,549. It might raise eyebrows, but considering the extensive research and collaboration with Swiss Side, the Danish Cycling Federation, and Team USA, it's clear that this is more than just a bike. It's a technological marvel, years in the making. Yet, it's worth noting that in the grand spectrum of high-end track bikes, it isn't the priciest.

From its aerodynamic design, backed by the expertise at Swiss Side, to its fully adjustable carbon Pro Extension System, the Speedmax CFR Track is built not just to race, but to dominate. The cutting-edge technology incorporated, combined with the meticulous attention to detail, is evidence of Canyon's commitment to pushing the envelope.

In a world where every second counts, where the tiniest detail could mean the difference between victory and defeat, the Speedmax CFR Track is not just a bike. It's a statement. It's a challenge. And, most importantly, it’s a promise of the heights that track cycling is yet to achieve.

Would I ride it? In a heartbeat. Would I be awed every time I look at it? Absolutely. Canyon has not just built a fast bike, they've crafted a legacy. Here's to the future of track cycling, and the innovations yet to come.


  1. Exceptional Speed: Heralded as Canyon’s “fastest ever bike” and set to debut at the prestigious 2023 World Championships in Glasgow, this machine is made for the elite who crave speed.
  2. Collaborative Development: The bike was crafted in partnership with top-tier entities including Chloé Dygert, Team USA track squad, the Danish national team, and Swiss Side, ensuring a medley of expertise.
  3. Innovative Aerodynamics: The remarkably narrow profile of the Speedmax CFR Track differentiates it from its peers, aiming for prime aerodynamics without compromising on stiffness.
  4. Custom Wheels: Designed to optimize 25mm-wide clincher tyres, the wheels are a product of extensive testing. This size offers lower rolling resistance without hampering aerodynamic performance.
  5. Modernized Cockpit: Starting from Chloé Dygert's favored WattShop Anemoi cockpit, Canyon introduced their own enhancements including adjustable finger hooks and broader armrests, prioritizing both aerodynamics and comfort.
  6. Full Package: The price includes advanced tech such as an SRM power meter, Kappstein 3/32 drivetrain, Continental GP5000 tyres, and a specifically tailored cockpit and wheels.
  7. Aero Expertise: Working alongside aero maestros at Swiss Side, the bike's design emphasizes minimal aerodynamic drag, a primary adversary in track cycling.
  8. Flexibility: Adaptability for different track disciplines is seamless. By interchanging wheels and the fork/stem combo, riders can quickly prep for various races.
  9. Tech-Forward Components: Features like the SRM Origin Track Powermeter and the Kappstein Elite Black Edition 58t demonstrate a commitment to delivering the best in cycling tech.


  1. High Cost: Priced at $18,549, the Speedmax CFR Track is Canyon’s priciest bike, potentially excluding many from ownership due to its hefty tag.
  2. Customization Limitations: The bike's narrow stance and 40mm-wide front axle, though innovative, necessitate specific custom wheels from Canyon, limiting riders' choices.
  3. Weight: At 8.24 kg, there may be lighter track bikes in the market that some professionals might prefer.
  4. Data Absence: Canyon hasn't provided direct comparisons of the Speedmax CFR Track to its rivals, leaving potential buyers to take their “fastest track bike” claim on trust.
  5. Specialized Design: Its cutting-edge design, though marvelous, might be overkill for casual racers or those not competing at high levels.
  6. Maintenance & Repairs: Due to its specialized parts and design, maintenance and repairs might require specific expertise, potentially leading to higher upkeep costs and time delays.
  7. Market Comparison: Although not the most expensive on the market, there are competitors like the Worx WX-R Vorteq Track with even higher price tags, making value assessment critical for potential buyers.

In summary, the Canyon Speedmax CFR Track is an embodiment of engineering prowess, suited for those who are at the pinnacle of track cycling or are serious about reaching those heights. Its price tag and specialization might deter some, but for those who seek unparalleled performance, this might just be their next ride.


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