Cannondale Synapse Carbon 1 RLE: The Ultimate Fusion of Comfort, Speed, and Endurance

Comfortable, Fast, Capable, Smart, Enduring

Gather round, folks. If you're one for adventure, a seeker of that fresh breeze on your face, the thrill of the open road or just a good old endurance enthusiast, let me regale you with the tale of a speed machine that does not fail to impress. Enter the Cannondale Synapse Carbon 1 RLE, a symbiosis of comfort, handling, and stamina. It’s your quintessential partner for those long, winding roads and challenging terrains.

First things first, let's appreciate the soul of this beast – the Synapse Carbon Frameset, a lightweight entity built for speed and strength. Paired with the Shimano Dura Ace Di2's 12-speed electronic group and hydraulic disc brakes, it ensures the smoothest of shifts and most responsive of stops. Now add the HollowGram 45 SL KNØT carbon wheelset and the HollowGram SAVE SystemBar to the equation. My friends, you have a winner on your hands.

If you're the type to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, the Synapse is a dream. Its discreet flex zones in the rear triangle, seat tube, and seatpost keep road chatter and bumps at bay. It lets you feel the thrill without the drill, absorbing the rumble of the rough roads and turning it into a pleasant hum.

When you’re talking speed, the Synapse is like a falcon on the hunt – swift, stealthy, and hungry for the wind. The aerodynamic shaping of the frame and fork, coupled with the size-specific design for tuned stiffness, gives this machine wings. Hills, valleys, or plains – it loves to fly and it dares you to keep up.

Now, what makes the Synapse truly a knight in shining carbon is its brilliant SmartSense system. Integrated lights and an optional rear-facing radar ensure that you're not just riding fast and comfortable, but smart and safe. It’s like having a guardian angel looking out for you while you tackle those treacherous paths.

The Synapse is a capable beast, accommodating up to 35mm wide tires for added grip and cushion, with plenty of gear/bottle mounts. It’s a road warrior that doesn’t shy away from challenges, ready to accompany you on any terrain, any road, anywhere.

And finally, the comfort – the seatpost and Fizik Tempo Argo R3 saddle don’t just look good, they feel fantastic. Together they deliver a ride so comfortable, you'll forget you're burning the miles.

However, it’s not all sunny skies. The SmartSense system, while impressively functional, is a bit of a snag when it comes to aesthetics and convenience. It's hardwired, which means some unwanted wires and potential routing challenges. Battery life can be an issue and charge times could do with some improvement.

Despite these minor quirks, the Synapse delivers where it matters most. It is a steed that descends like a dream, handles with adept precision and leaves no room for complaint with its flawless Dura-Ace groupset and superior braking.

In my humble opinion, the Cannondale Synapse Carbon 1 RLE is more than a bike. It's an experience. An invitation to embrace the joy of the open road, to feel the rhythm of the journey, to roll smooth, fast, and confident. So, my active enthusiasts, are you ready to roll?


  1. Descends Excellently: The Synapse handles descents with incredible ease and confidence, making your downhill journey a breeze.
  2. Superior Handling and Performance: It ensures a smooth ride, balancing speed and control perfectly, even on rougher terrains.
  3. High-quality Dura-Ace Groupset: The Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 offers flawless gear shifts and exceptional braking, ensuring a safe and efficient ride.
  4. HollowGram 45 SL Wheelset: This wheelset not only provides speed but also stability, enhancing your overall biking experience.
  5. Integrated Radar: The Varia radar system offers increased safety on the road, a welcome feature for any cyclist.
  6. Smooth Ride: Even without additional gadgets or gizmos, the Synapse offers a smooth and comfortable ride.
  7. Multiple Mounts: It comes equipped with numerous mounts for your gear or water bottles, a handy feature for long-distance adventures.
  8. User-friendly Build: The bike uses a standard seatpost clamp and a threaded bottom bracket, making it easier for maintenance and adjustments.


  1. Clunky SmartSense System: Despite being functionally impressive, the SmartSense system could be improved. Its hardwired nature results in some unwanted wires, and it can be somewhat clunky to use.
  2. Battery Life and Charge Time: The battery life of the integrated systems could do with improvement, and the long charge times might be inconvenient for some users.
  3. Cable Routing Issues: The current cable routing may interfere with pedaling, particularly during standing climbs.
  4. Limited Handlebar Adjustment: The handlebar adjustment could offer more upward flexibility for customized comfort.
  5. Lack of Downtube Storage: Given the difficulty of adding a saddle bag, the absence of downtube storage might be a limitation for those who want to carry extra supplies.
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