Cannondale SuperSix EVO LAB71: The Pinnacle of High-Speed Road Racing Bikes

Light, fast, victorious

Stepping into the realm of cycling, let's dive into a marvel of technology that's redefining road racing – the Cannondale SuperSix Evo LAB71. Picture this: a machine painstakingly constructed for the singular purpose of obliterating the road beneath your feet, while simultaneously cradling you in a marriage of balance and power. The lovechild of speed and grace, this bike is a testament to the transformative power of obsession, one that's fueled by the dream of standing on the podium.

Nestled in the belly of this beast is an ultra-light carbon construction, the result of a meticulous approach to design and production. LAB71 SuperSix EVO, the lightest and most advanced carbon construction from Cannondale, is the skeletal framework of this lightning bolt. The blend of carbon fiber and nano-resin affords incredible tensile and compressive strength properties. This is the heart of the LAB71 SuperSix EVO, a creature that weighs in at a mere 770 grams, a featherweight titan defying both physics and expectations.

Yet, this bike isn't just about being lightweight. It has a hunger for speed, claiming its title as one of the fastest road bikes, full stop. It's been forged and honed by the uncompromising pursuit of aerodynamic supremacy. The SuperSix EVO reduces drag to a whisper, shaving off 12 watts at 45 km/h compared to the previous generation. It's a sleek demon that challenges the boundaries of the possible, an aero powerhouse that has shed needless weight to become an unbeatable force on the tarmac.

What takes the breath away, however, isn't just the raw performance and power, it's the finesse with which these elements have been harmoniously integrated. You see, the SuperSix EVO wasn't built as a collection of components; it was sculpted as a singular, integrated system. The frame, fork, bars, wheelsets, and seatpost all come together to create a coherent entity that challenges the conventional approach to bike design. It’s not just about speed, it’s about the synergy of elements that deliver speed. This results in a beast that feels less like a machine, and more like an extension of the rider, a symbiotic relationship between human and bicycle that leads to a phenomenally intuitive ride.

From the cockpit, we are greeted with the exceptional Cannondale SystemBar R-One, a low drag, full carbon integrated bar/stem co-developed with MOMODesign. A striking blend of style and speed, the cockpit is the bike's nerve center, providing an amalgamation of comfort, control, and drag reduction. And let's not forget the HollowGram R-SL 50 wheelset, one of the fastest all-around race wheelsets in the world, born from Cannondale's Draft Aero Design philosophy. They bring together 50mm-deep, super low-drag rim, bladed spokes, and DT-Swiss 240 EXP rear hub internals, to make hitting escape velocity on any road a very achievable goal.

Now, these aren't just dry, technical details. They're the ingredients to an experience that will have your heart pounding and your veins coursing with adrenaline. The LAB71 SuperSix EVO is a vision of the possible, a machine that dances on the edges of the imagination, constantly pushing the boundaries of what a road racing bike can be.

A bike is never just a bike. It's an extension of the self, a tool for self-expression, and a bridge between the rider and the road. For the thrill-seekers, the speed demons, the racing purists out there, the Cannondale SuperSix Evo LAB71 isn't just a bike – it's the embodiment of their spirit. A testament to the human capacity for innovation and performance, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. Welcome to the future of cycling. Welcome to the LAB.


  1. Ultra-Light Carbon Construction: The use of Cannondale's most advanced carbon, LAB71 SuperSix EVO, makes this bike impressively light. A 56cm frame weighing just 770 grams can help make the difference on race day.
  2. High Speed: This isn't just a lightweight bike, but one of the fastest road bikes on the market. With the ability to shave off 12 watts at 45 km/h, it's faster than many purely “aero” bikes.
  3. Integrated System Design: The bike is designed as a complete system, with each element contributing to overall performance. This integrated design helps to maximize aerodynamic efficiency.
  4. Innovative Wheelset: The HollowGram R-SL 50 wheelset offers low-drag and high-speed performance, helping riders hit high speeds on any road.
  5. Renowned Cockpit Design: The SystemBar R-One, co-developed with MOMODesign, delivers a combination of speed, style, and ergonomic refinement.


  1. Price Point: Given the advanced materials and technology used, the bike is likely to come with a premium price tag, potentially making it inaccessible for some cycling enthusiasts.
  2. Maintenance: With its high-performance components and advanced materials, maintenance and repair could be more complex and costly compared to standard road bikes.
  3. Availability of Parts: The unique and specialized nature of some components, such as the HollowGram R-SL 50 wheelset, might make sourcing replacements or upgrades more difficult.
  4. Versatility: While it's an exceptional racing bike, it may not be as versatile for those looking for a bike that can handle a variety of terrains or ride types, from off-road to casual city rides.
  5. Needs Professional Assembly: Due to the complex construction and integration of the parts, the bike likely requires professional assembly, which could be a disadvantage for those who prefer to assemble their bikes themselves.
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