Brompton x Bear Grylls C Line Explore: Unfold the World of Adventure!

Adventure. Compact. Durable. Stylish. Versatile

The open road, the allure of the unknown, the intoxicating thrill of setting out on a journey — these are experiences that don't just define the wanderer but also the trusty steed they choose. And with the Brompton x Bear Grylls C Line Explore, it feels like we're stepping into a marriage of two worlds, where the wild spirit of exploration meets unparalleled craftsmanship.

Cast your eyes over its frame, and you're instantly reminded of British woodlands. The Moss Green and Mushroom Grey seem like a painter's tribute to the foggy moors and ancient trees. The unexpected Adventure Orange, inspired by Bear Grylls’ many expeditions, tells a story of excitement and the thrill of the unpredictable.

Beyond just being a treat for the eyes, this bike is a veritable workhorse. Its 6-speed system promises to take you over every terrain, every contour. From city streets to gravelly paths, those puncture-resistant Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres seem eager to log miles and memories.

One can't overlook the engineering marvel that allows this beauty to fold up in less than 20 seconds. It's not just about convenience, but about merging form and function, about understanding the nomadic heart that needs to move, to pack up and chase the next horizon at a moment’s notice.

Now, when one thinks of Bear Grylls, preparedness comes to mind. This bike echoes that sentiment. The waterproof backpack and essentials pouch, crafted meticulously, ensure you’re always prepared. Whether you're setting out on a spur-of-the-moment exploration or a meticulously planned journey, all you need is close at hand.

The ride itself is a dream. That all-weather Brooks C17 saddle seems to mold itself to you, becoming more than just a part of the bike, but an extension of yourself. The precise engineering, the carefully chosen materials, all culminate in a riding experience that's second to none.

But, it's not just about the journey. This bike, with its meticulous attention to every detail, from the soft-compound grips to the robust steel frame, invites you to marvel at its craftsmanship, even when standing still. It’s a piece of art that's as much about the journey as it is about the story of its own creation.

In essence, with the Brompton x Bear Grylls C Line Explore, you're not just getting a bike; you’re investing in an experience. It promises adventures, whispers tales of the roads less traveled, and beckons to those with a heart full of wanderlust. So, to those itching to explore, I pose a question: Where will you go next? And more importantly, how will you get there?


  1. Versatile 6-Speed System: With the 6-speed workhorse, the bike is tailored to cover varied terrains, making it suitable for both city and off-road cycling.
  2. Unique Aesthetic Design: The Moss Green, Mushroom Grey, and Adventure Orange combination offers an attractive look inspired by the British woodlands and Bear Grylls' adventurous spirit.
  3. Compact & Quick Folding: Engineered to fold into a small package in under 20 seconds, offering convenience for storage and transportation.
  4. Durable and Puncture-Resistant Tyres: The Schwalbe Marathon Racer tyres are designed for longevity, suitable for light gravel and road surfaces.
  5. Integrated Luggage System: Comes with a waterproof backpack and essentials pouch, making it easier to carry necessities on-the-go.
  6. Comfort: The all-weather Brooks C17 saddle is designed to flex with the rider, ensuring comfort throughout the journey.
  7. Quality Materials and Construction: Built with precision from heat-treated steel tubing and other high-quality components, the bike promises durability and a smooth ride.
  8. Eco-friendly Luggage: The luggage is made from 100% recycled materials, catering to environmentally conscious consumers.


  1. Price: Priced at £1,895, it may be considered expensive for some potential buyers.
  2. Weight: Starting at 12.2 kg, there are lighter folding bikes available in the market.
  3. Limited Lighting: Comes with only reflectors, and additional lighting might be required for night-time or low-light conditions.
  4. Specific Niche: The design and features are tailored towards adventure enthusiasts, which might not appeal to everyone.
  5. Maintenance: High-quality components like the Brooks saddle and Brompton-specific parts might require specialized care or could be expensive to replace.


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