Boundry TrailBreaker: Modular Bike Rack for Trucks

Versatile, secure, modular bike rack

Picture this: you’re driving through the rugged Utah landscape, your truck bed packed with all the gear you need for an epic adventure. Boundry’s modular bike rack system has got your back, literally. Instead of the usual tangle of bikes draped over your tailgate or awkwardly balanced on a hitch, the TrailBreaker from Boundry gives your truck a sleek, organized look. This isn’t just about aesthetics, though; it’s about functionality and versatility for those who crave the thrill of the trail.

Sterling Petersen, the mastermind behind Boundry, didn’t just whip up a bike rack; he redefined how you transport your prized two-wheelers. The TrailBreaker system is a game-changer. Mounted between the bed rails like a chase rack, it holds up to five mountain bikes without compromising the space you need for other essentials. Imagine having room for your dog to lounge or a massive waterproof cargo box filled with helmets, gloves, and spare clothes, all while your bikes are securely in place.

Boundry’s innovation doesn’t stop with mountain bikes. They’ve thought of everything, even creating trays that cater to motorbikes. The T-track system allows for easy switching between bike types, making it perfect for those who mix pedaled adventures with full-throttle dirt biking. And let’s not forget the Trailbreaker’s ability to keep your tailgate functional. No more losing access to your truck bed just because you want to bring your bikes along.

At Overland Expo West ’24, Boundry’s display might have been thrown together at the last minute, but the sheer number of bikes hanging off that black F-150 drew in the crowds. It’s a testament to the practicality and allure of their design. Whether it’s five mountain bikes or two motorbikes, the TrailBreaker ensures your ride is ready for the journey ahead.

But what if you’re not into the idea of a bed-mounted system? Boundry’s got you covered with their Trailhead hitch rack. It shares the same modular T-track design, holding up to six bikes without blocking access to your tailgate. While it doesn’t accommodate motorbikes, it’s perfect for those who need to transport a serious fleet of bicycles.

Starting at $900, the TrailBreaker is an investment in convenience and peace of mind. Each bike tray adds to the cost, but the value of securely transporting your bikes and gear is priceless. Boundry’s commitment to versatility is evident, with plans to expand their system to include mounts for skis, snowboards, and kayaks. It’s clear they understand the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who want to maximize their adventures.

Boundry’s approach to bike transportation is more than a product; it’s a solution crafted for those who live for the outdoors. So, whether you’re tearing up mountain trails or cruising down dirt paths, this modular system ensures your gear travels as safely and efficiently as you do.


  1. Versatile Design: The TrailBreaker system can accommodate both mountain bikes and motorbikes, allowing for easy switching between different types of rides.
  2. Maximized Bed Space: By holding bikes at an upward angle, the rack leaves plenty of room in the truck bed for additional gear or pets.
  3. Tailgate Functionality: Unlike traditional racks, the TrailBreaker allows the tailgate to remain functional, providing secure storage for other items in the bed.
  4. Secure Transportation: The rack’s design holds bikes more securely during off-road adventures, reducing the risk of damage.
  5. Easy Installation: The modular T-track system simplifies the process of attaching and removing bike trays.
  6. Future Expansion: Boundry plans to develop additional mounts for skis, snowboards, and kayaks, increasing the system’s versatility.


  1. High Cost: The initial investment for the TrailBreaker starts at $900, with additional costs for each bike tray.
  2. Weight: The rack and trays add significant weight to the truck, which could affect fuel efficiency and handling.
  3. Limited Availability: Being a newer company, Boundry’s products might not be as widely available as those from more established brands.
  4. Setup Time: Although installation is straightforward, it may still take time to switch between bike and motorbike trays.
  5. Compatibility: The Trailhead hitch rack does not work with motorbike trays, limiting its use to bicycles only.

Starting $900

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