Bluegrass Vanguard Core: Combining Lightweight Design with High-Impact Protection

Safety, Lightweight, Innovative, Comfortable, Adjustable

Diving headfirst into the heart and soul of adrenaline-pumping mountain biking, we've got a piece of gear here that's a real game-changer. We're talking about the Bluegrass Vanguard Core – a full-face helmet that's as trail-ready as they come.

Now, some might think this is just another piece of equipment. I beg to differ. This is not about aesthetics or marketing gimmicks. It's about a fundamental commitment to your passion, your thrill, your safety.

The thing that got my attention is the certification standards this helmet meets. The ASTM F1952 and e-bike NTA 8776 – let's just say this isn't child's play. These are some of the most rigorous standards in downhill mountain biking, and the Vanguard Core doesn't just meet them, it exceeds them.

I'm all for pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and going where few dare to tread. And the Vanguard Core lives up to this spirit. It is 40% beyond the ASTM deflection limits, which essentially means it's tested to withstand greater impact. It's not just safety, it's safety amplified.

Now, onto something that any rider worth their salt knows to appreciate – breathability and comfort. There's this cheek pad design, a simple but innovative C-shape, that promises the kind of ventilation that's a godsend when you're taking on those demanding trails. Not to mention, it comes with two adjustable positions, a nod to the bespoke fit that every rider seeks.

Created in the cauldron of cutting-edge labs, the Vanguard Core speaks volumes about the level of dedication and expertise that's gone into it. It's not just a helmet. It's a symbol of a resilient spirit, a tool for those who believe in exploring their limits, and a companion for those epic rides where every second is a new adventure.

Remember, whether you're a veteran of the trail or a novice just starting your journey, what matters most is that you're out there, feeling the earth beneath your wheels, embracing the ride. And what better way to do it than with a piece of equipment that breathes your passion, understands your needs, and goes the extra mile to keep you safe? So let's gear up, set our sights on the trail, and let the ride begin. Because that's what it's all about – the thrill, the rush, the freedom.

There's no denying the appealing features of the Bluegrass Vanguard Core helmet, but like any product, it has its pros and cons. Here's a comprehensive analysis:

Certainly, with the added information on size variations and weights, here's the revised pros and cons:


  1. High Safety Standards: Meeting and exceeding stringent safety standards such as the ASTM F1952 and e-bike NTA 8776, the Vanguard Core ensures top-level protection on your rides.
  2. Lightweight Design: The helmet, ranging from 700g to 790g depending on the size, provides a lightweight solution to head protection. This is invaluable on lengthy and strenuous rides.
  3. Innovative Ventilation: The Vanguard Core's unique C-shaped cheek pad design promotes optimal airflow, a significant feature when you're exerting yourself on challenging trails.
  4. Adjustable and Variable Sizes: With three different size options (S, M, L) and two adjustable positions for the cheek pads, the helmet offers a custom fit that enhances both comfort and safety.
  5. Free International Shipping: A notable perk for global customers – for orders over 150€, shipping charges are waived. This offsets some of the cost of this premium helmet.


  1. Higher Price Point: Priced at €330, the Vanguard Core might be out of reach for budget-conscious bikers or beginners. While it offers substantial safety features and quality, the cost is undoubtedly on the steeper side.
  2. Limited Shipping Availability: Despite the offer of free international shipping for qualifying orders, the helmet cannot be shipped directly to certain countries – namely, the USA, Australia, and Russia. This requires contacting a local distributor, which might involve extra effort and possible delays.
  3. Weight Variation: Though generally lightweight, the weight of the helmet does increase with size. For larger individuals, the 790g weight of the L size might be a bit heavy, potentially causing discomfort during long rides.

With these points in mind, the Bluegrass Vanguard Core stands as an excellent choice for dedicated mountain bikers seeking a reliable, high-quality helmet. The higher price tag and some shipping restrictions may be a hurdle for some, but the safety standards, customization, and design innovation make it a compelling option for those able to invest. As always, your personal needs, preferences, and circumstances should guide your decision.


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