Blizzard Powerplay by Rocky Mountain: The Ultimate eMTB for Snow-Loving Adventurers!

Powerful. Durable. Winter-Ready. Adventurous. Innovative

Winter riding has always been a bit of a challenge. There's the cold, the uncertain terrain, the often-unpredictable conditions, but when you have the right gear, it's a whole new world. Canada's Rocky Mountain might just have come up with a game-changer for those brave enough to pedal through the snow — the Blizzard Powerplay eMTB.

Imagine cruising through a winter wonderland, the chill biting your cheeks, but instead of struggling uphill, you're breezing through, thanks to the all-new Dyname 4.0 mid-drive motor that this beauty boasts. This isn't just any regular motor. It peaks at a robust 700 watts and can provide a staggering 350% boost at the pedal, making those icy climbs a piece of cake. Married to this is a 720-Wh removable Li-ion battery. There's even the option of a 314-Wh range extender for those particularly ambitious outings.

Now, you might wonder about traction on icy trails. The Blizzard Powerplay doesn’t disappoint. It’s shod with 27.5-inch WTB tubeless-ready rims wrapped snugly in 4.5-inch VeeTire Snow Avalanche fat tires. Oh, and they come with studs. Not installed, mind you, but they’re there if you need them. The alloy frame, trail-ready geometry, and a rigid carbon fork promise both durability and agility, even in the most challenging conditions.

As for the variants, there are two main flavors. The A50, for those with a penchant for premium, is fitted with four-piston Sram G2 hydraulic brakes and a slick 10-speed Sram gearset. On the other hand, the A30, slightly more budget-friendly but no less capable, sports dual-piston Sram Level brakes and rides with a MicroShift setup.

Both of these eMTBs are equipped to handle winter's fury. From the FORM™ Alloy frame with its neat internal cable routing to the Rocky Mountain Carbon Fat fork, every detail feels meticulously thought out. The bikes also feature a Rocky Mountain micro remote and an integrated display on the top tube, ensuring you're always in the know about your ride metrics.

Pricing sits at $6,259 for the A50, while the A30 tags along at $5,249. Worth every penny? If winter trail rides are your thing, then absolutely. These bikes aren't just about getting you from A to B. They're about unlocking a whole new winter riding experience. Embrace the season; don't argue or battle it. With the Blizzard Powerplay, winter isn't an obstacle – it's an invitation.


  1. Dyname 4.0 Mid-Drive Motor: Peaks at 700 watts, providing strong power and up to 350% pedal boost. This ensures less fatigue during winter rides.
  2. High-Capacity Battery: The 720-Wh removable Li-ion battery offers prolonged ride times. An additional 314-Wh range extender is available for extended trips.
  3. Winter Ready Tires: 27.5-inch WTB tubeless-ready rims with 4.5-inch VeeTire Snow Avalanche fat tires are designed for snowy terrains. The inclusion of studs (though not pre-installed) offers additional traction on icy paths.
  4. Alloy Frame with Carbon Fork: Combines durability with agility, making it well-suited for rough winter terrains.
  5. Integrated Display: The top tube integration ensures riders are always informed about ride metrics without cumbersome additions.
  6. Two Model Variants: Offers choices for different preferences and budgets – the A50 for a premium experience and the A30 for a cost-effective option.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $5,249 for the A30 and going up to $6,259 for the A50, the price might be a barrier for some potential buyers.
  2. Studs Not Pre-Installed: While the tires come with studs for icy conditions, they are not installed, which could be an inconvenience for some users.
  3. Weight: eMTBs, in general, tend to be heavier than regular mountain bikes due to their motors and batteries. This could make handling and transporting the bike more challenging.
  4. Unknown Per-Charge Range: The per-charge range estimates have not been provided, which might leave potential buyers uncertain about how long they can ride without recharging.
  5. Battery Charging Time: While the 80% charging time is decent, a full charge takes close to 4 hours with a 4A charger and even longer with a 2A charger.

In summary, the Blizzard Powerplay eMTB is an impressive offering for winter biking enthusiasts, with its motor power, battery capacity, and winter-ready features. However, potential buyers might weigh these against the cons, particularly the price point and the absence of certain specifics like the per-charge range.

From $5,249

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