Bike Friday All-Packa folding bikepacking bike

The adventurer's folding bike

Bikepacking is the harmonious fusion of all-terrain cycling and self-supported backpacking, offering the liberating experience of multi-day backcountry hiking alongside the excitement and agility of riding a versatile bicycle. Embracing the call of the wild, bikepacking takes you on a journey through lesser-explored territories, traversing singletrack trails, gravel roads, and long-forgotten dirt paths while carrying only the essentials for your adventure.

The Bike Friday All-Packa is the ultimate bikepacking bike designed for adventure travel. This custom bike is built to fit you perfectly, ensuring maximum comfort and performance. Hand-built in Eugene, Oregon, USA, the All-Packa is optimized for the key needs of dirt and gravel bikepacking, making it the most capable bikepacking rig available.

The All-Packa is designed for easy transportation and storage, whether it's flying, taking a bus, or throwing it in the back of an adventure van. It's also a fully capable dirt road rambler, ready for an unpaved expedition to the farthest corners of the world. The All-Packa is perfect for riding local logging roads and flowy singletrack, offering a joyous riding experience.

With three-packs and four-packs on different parts of the bike, the All-Packa fits most bikepacking bags on the market. It also has clearance for 20 in x 2.4 in tires, which are widely available around the world. The bike's geometry is optimized for off-road gear hauling, featuring a longer front-center and lower center-of-gravity than other Bike Fridays.

The All-Packa is custom fit for riders from 4 ft 6 in to 6 ft 4 in, offering better gear hauling options than any other bikepacking bike on the market. The lower step-over ensures the seat pack will never rub the rear tire. The frame folds in just 30 seconds (32x24x12″) and can pack into an airline check-able suitcase, making it the only bikepacking bike that also flies.

With a rider weight limit of up to 220lbs and no gear weight limits, the All-Packa is e-assist compatible and upgradable. You can choose your size, color, and component choices, and the Bike Friday team in Oregon will build it for you.

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