BH iAerolight: A Symphony of Speed, Silence, and Sustainability in Electric Cycling

Elegant, Lightweight, Innovative, Powerful, Aerodynamic

In a world where the scent of pines might gently mingle with the low hum of rubber caressing the pavement, we find ourselves coasting through the picturesque landscapes of Spain, propelled with each easy pedal stroke by the BH iAerolight. A steed not merely of carbon and wires but one that brings with it the legacy of Beistegui Hermanos, a beacon of innovation in the bicycle world since 1909.

As we embark on this journey, the iAerolight invites us to delve deeper into a symbiosis of tradition and technology. The name itself, an eloquent tribute to its intrinsic features, ‘i’ symbolizing the electric intellect woven within, ‘Aero’ for its harmonious dance with the wind, and ‘light’ encapsulating both its physical and visual weightlessness. At a mere 26 pounds, this bike harbors the spirit of the past and embraces the dawn of electric mobility, rendering a riding experience that effortlessly marries speed with serenity.

Engaging with the iAerolight is not merely a physical activity but a sensory one. It's not simply a bike; it's a creation where every line, every contour has been meticulously sculpted to slice through the air with an aerodynamic grace, where the integration of the seatpost not only adds a sleek rigidity to its physique but elicits a visual exuberance. Its frame, while lightweight, whispers tales of strength and durability, thanks to the Hollow Core Internal Molding technology, ensuring an optimally stiff and robust core.

Now, envision traversing the undulating terrains with a companion that doesn’t roar but hums silently beside you. The BH2EXMAG motor, with its compact dimensions and unobtrusive operation, isn't merely an electronic component. It's the heart of your journey, offering a potent 65 Newton-meters of torque with a gentle, progressive assistance that respects the purity of the ride. The whispering wind is your soundtrack, not the mechanical clatter of a machine.

Liberation is found not only in the silence but in the boundless autonomy this electric maestro grants. The 410 Wh battery conceals itself gracefully within the diagonal tube, promising adventures that stretch up to 130 kilometers before the gentle hum subsides. And for those insatiable souls yearning for just a few more moments beneath the open sky, an additional 180 Wh is available through a harmoniously integrated bottle-shaped range extender.

Even in the obscurity of the impending dusk or the mysterious pre-dawn, the iAerolight, with its Planck tail light seamlessly integrated into the seat tube, ensures your journey is illuminated, weaving safety into the tapestry of your explorations.

If the essence of the ride resides in the connection between man, machine, and road, then the BH iConnect app serves as the conduit through which they converse. It provides an interface where the rider can fine-tune their experience, personalizing assistance settings, and exploring deeper realms of their journey, all at their fingertips.

Ah, but elegance and technology are seldom offered without exacting a toll. The iAerolight, with its symphony of aerodynamics, lightweight charisma, and electronic prowess, comes at a premium. It's an investment, not just of financial means but an investment in a particular style of journeying through the world, one where the road, rider, and machine become inseparable.

In the wake of the setting sun, as we meander through Spain’s sinuous roads, the iAerolight becomes more than a bicycle. It becomes an extension of our desires to explore, to experience the world not as a spectator but as a participant, fully immersing ourselves in the journey and losing ourselves to the boundless horizons ahead. The iAerolight, in its seamless blend of past, present, and future, invites us to not merely ride, but to become one with the ride. And thus, our story is woven into the fibers of Beistegui Hermanos, and in the gentle hum of the iAerolight, we find our freedom.


  1. Legacy & Reputation: The Beistegui Hermanos brand has a storied history dating back to 1909, offering assurance of quality and innovation.
  2. Ultra-Lightweight: Crafted with a carbon-fiber frame, the iAerolight weighs a mere 26 pounds, promoting effortless maneuverability and speed.
  3. Advanced Aerodynamics: Designed to reduce drag with its contoured lines and an integrated seatpost, the iAerolight ensures optimal performance on the road.
  4. Efficient Motor: The BH2EXMAG motor provides silent operation, yet offers an impressive 65 Newton-meters of torque, offering power without noise disruption.
  5. Extended Autonomy: With an integrated 410 Wh battery and an optional 180 Wh range-extender, riders can achieve up to 185 kilometers on a single charge.
  6. Integrated Features: The iAerolight boasts internal cable routing, a seamlessly integrated charging port, and an embedded Planck tail light, promoting safety and aesthetics.
  7. Customizable Riding Experience: Through the BH iConnect app, riders can adjust assistance settings, personalizing their journey to suit individual preferences.
  8. Premium Components: Higher-end models come with Shimano Ultegra components, Di2 gears, and Dura Ace brakes, ensuring top-tier performance.


  1. Premium Price Point: Starting at $8,187 USD and going up to $11,694 USD, the iAerolight might be out of reach for many potential buyers.
  2. Potential Over-reliance on the App: Adjusting settings and toggling features through the BH iConnect app may not appeal to traditionalists or those without smartphones.
  3. Limited Aesthetic Choices: While streamlined, the bike's design might not cater to everyone's visual preferences, especially those who favor a more classical look.
  4. Maintenance Concerns: With advanced components and an electric motor, potential repairs or replacements might be costlier compared to traditional bikes.

From $8,187

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