AtaraxyBSC vabsRider: Revolutionizing Bike Comfort

Innovative, comfortable, dynamic, customizable, ergonomic

Picture this: You're cruising down a sun-drenched road, the wind kissing your face, and the world unfolding before you with each pedal stroke. But, instead of that familiar ache creeping up from the saddle, you're greeted by an unexpected comfort. This isn't some fantasy; it's the promise of the vabsRider bicycle seat.

The brainchild of Australian engineer Robin Macan, the vabsRider isn't your average bike seat. It's a revelation born from necessity and a touch of brilliance. Since 2016, Macan has been on a quest to make cycling a pain-free experience. Teaming up with industrial designer Philippe Guichard, and later the Melbourne-based Whistle Design Group, they turned this vision into a reality through Macan's startup, ataraxyBSC.

The magic lies in its innovative split seat design. Unlike traditional saddles that remain rigid, the vabsRider's two sides pivot independently, moving in harmony with your legs as you pedal. This isn't just a gimmick. By transferring pressure from your sit bones to your femurs, this design distributes the load more evenly, transforming what was once a source of discomfort into a ride filled with ease.

Adjustability is key here. Set screws in the system-specific seatpost allow you to fine-tune the fore/aft position, height, angle, and width of the saddle. This means you can dial in the perfect fit for your unique body, ensuring that every ride is as comfortable as the last.

For those eager to get their hands on one, expressing interest is just an email away. Though we're still awaiting details on pricing and availability, the anticipation is worth it. And if you're exploring options, the Airo Bike Seat offers a similar concept with its “Wing-Springs,” though it lacks the vabsRider's dynamic middle section.

The vabsRider isn't just a seat; it's an invitation to rediscover the joy of cycling. It’s a testament to what happens when innovation meets practicality, making the dream of a butt-friendly bike seat a reality. The open road never felt so inviting.


  1. Enhanced Comfort: The split seat design pivots with your legs, reducing pressure on the sit bones and distributing it more evenly to the femurs.
  2. Customizable Fit: Adjustable set screws allow for fine-tuning the fore/aft position, height, angle, and width of the saddle, ensuring a personalized fit.
  3. Innovative Design: The dynamic, independent movement of the saddle’s two sides moves in harmony with your pedaling, making long rides more enjoyable.
  4. Reduces Soreness: By moving with your legs, the saddle minimizes the risk of soreness and discomfort during extended rides.
  5. Target Audience Expansion: Makes cycling more accessible to people who previously avoided it due to saddle discomfort.


  1. Availability: As of now, the product is still awaiting production, so potential buyers may need to wait for availability and pricing details.
  2. Adjustment Complexity: The multiple adjustment options, while beneficial for a custom fit, might be overwhelming for some users.
  3. Market Competition: Similar products like the Airo Bike Seat exist, which might offer different features that appeal to some users.
  4. Unproven Longevity: As a new product, the long-term durability and performance are yet to be proven in the market.
  5. Cost Uncertainty: Without current pricing information, it's hard to determine if the value matches the cost.
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