ASYNC H7 E-bike: Redefining Urban & Trail Riding

Innovative, Powerful, Lightweight, Smart, Versatile

Ah, the open road, the serendipity of the journey, the wind in your hair – and now, the hum of a futuristic marvel under your seat. The ASYNC H7 E-bike is where the past and future intersect on two wheels.

From the bustling city streets to the serene bike trails, the H7's design ensures you fit right in while turning heads. It strikes the right balance between standing out and blending in. With a sleek carbon fiber frame, both rugged and graceful, it promises both agility and durability. And at a lightweight 5.7 lbs for the frame and a mere 1lb for the handlebars, zipping through traffic or taking on winding paths becomes a breeze. This isn’t just a bike; it's a seamlessly integrated experience.

What caught my attention, other than its obviously sleek design, is the 500W mid-drive motor in the H7 xc model. A powerhouse that offers torque akin to a 1500w hub motor, it's prepared to carry you up steep hills or propel you to a brisk 28mph. And the standard H7 isn’t left far behind with a robust 250W mid-drive motor, hitting speeds up to 16mph.

The H7 doesn’t just stop at physical prowess. Its intelligence shines through with the integrated IOT system. Forget fishing for your keys; a tap on the app and you're ready to go. And for those prone to the occasional bout of forgetfulness, the Find My Bike feature coupled with real-time cycling data ensures your ride is never too far from reach or understanding.

The e-bike offers a whopping range of 125 miles thanks to a 960Wh removable battery. Coupled with the H7's suspension and versatile MAXXIS AGGRESSOR 27.5″ x 2.5″ tires, it promises to make both city commuting and cross-country adventures not just feasible, but a pleasure.

For the gear enthusiasts, the H7 xc and H7 have their differences, notably in the motor, but both versions boast features from renowned brands, whether it's SHIMANO derailleurs or SUNTOUR forks. And while both weigh in at 58 lbs, the range in size ensures that riders of varying heights, from 5'4″ to 6'2″, can find their perfect fit.

Now, about the price – the H7 xc starts at $2,999, and the H7 at $2,599. Given its myriad features, coupled with the guarantee of delivery in December, it seems like an investment worth considering for the avid rider or even the urban commuter looking to upgrade their travel game.

To wrap it up, the ASYNC H7 E-bike isn't just a mode of transport; it's an experience, a journey. It’s the bridge between traditional cycling and a future where our rides match our fast-paced, smart, and efficient lives. Safe travels and see you on the road.


  1. Carbon Fiber Frame: Lightweight yet robust, offering durability and ease in maneuvering.
  2. Powerful Motor Options: With a 500W mid-drive motor in the H7 xc and a 250W in the standard H7, these bikes are suitable for both city commutes and challenging terrains.
  3. Long Battery Life: A 960Wh removable battery ensures a maximum range of 125 miles, reducing the frequency of recharges.
  4. Integrated IOT System: The intelligent riding system offers features like “Find My Bike”, Digital Key, and real-time cycling data, enhancing the user experience.
  5. Safety Features: GPS tracking and immediate notification during abnormal movements offer an added layer of security.
  6. Versatile Tires: The MAXXIS AGGRESSOR 27.5″ x 2.5″ tires are adaptable for both city streets and rugged trails.
  7. Trusted Components: Incorporation of recognized brands like SHIMANO and SUNTOUR adds to the bike's reliability.
  8. Size Variability: Available in different sizes to accommodate a range of rider heights.
  9. Guaranteed Delivery: The commitment to deliver in December ensures buyers don’t face typical crowdfunding uncertainties.


  1. Price Point: Starting at $2,599 for the H7 and $2,999 for the H7 xc, it might be on the higher side for some budgets.
  2. Weight: At 58 lbs, it’s not the lightest e-bike in the market, which might be a concern for some looking to manually pedal or transport the bike.
  3. Complexity for New Users: With its myriad features and tech integrations, there might be a learning curve for those new to e-bikes or smart technologies.
  4. Maintenance: Advanced tech and specialized parts could potentially mean higher maintenance costs or challenges in finding replacements.
  5. Limited to Two Models: While there are two models available, those looking for more varied options, especially between the power ranges of 250W and 500W, might feel restricted.

Starting $2,599

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