ASOMTOM E300: Power, Range, Versatility – The Ultimate All-Terrain Electric Bike

Versatile, Powerful, Enduring, Comfortable, All-Terrain

Ah, the great open road. Nothing quite captures the spirit of freedom and adventure like a sturdy two-wheeler, and the ASOMTOM E300, my friends, is an all-terrain powerhouse built to devour distance, chew up hills, and spit out challenges like they're nothing more than pebbles in its path.

The heart of the beast, a 750W BAFANG motor, promises both muscle and mettle. Backed by a maximum torque of 85Nm, it's got the gusto to scale those ankle-breaking inclines with nary a stutter. What's more, it comes armed with multiple levels of electric assistance, letting you dial up or down the power like a conductor controlling his orchestra.

The E300 isn't just about brute strength though; it's got brains too. The 48V 15A lithium battery is the spark of genius that powers this mechanical marvel, offering up to 60 miles of exploration on a single charge. That's freedom you can literally feel.

Then there's the SHIMANO 7-speed shift system. Now, I've seen my fair share of gear systems and let me tell you, this one is as smooth as a fine scotch. It's all about adaptability here. Different terrains demand different speeds, and this bike obliges with a satisfyingly intuitive system that accommodates your riding style, whatever that might be.

The E300's step-through frame design, crafted from robust 6061 aluminum, is another standout feature. I've always been a fan of function meeting form, and this frame not only makes for easy mounting and dismounting, but also holds up against the elements like a champ. And with a maximum payload capacity of 400lbs, it's capable of carrying you and your adventurous spirit, no questions asked.

The hydraulic suspension fork up front offers a surprisingly gentle ride, smoothing out those potholes and bumps like a professional masseuse working the knots out of your shoulders. Paired with the dual hydraulic brakes, this bike is all about control and confidence, no matter how rough the path.

Let's not forget those little touches that set the E300 apart. The power-off function on the brake handle, for example, offers an extra layer of safety during emergencies. The hub axle's sturdiness makes sure the wheels stick to the bike like a loyal friend. And the battery's zero voltage charging port is a blessing to both us and the environment.

I must say, the ASOMTOM E300 Step-Through All-Terrain Mountain Electric Bike is a thing of beauty. It's like that rugged, all-weather explorer who can wrestle with the elements but still show up looking effortlessly cool. Whether you're planning on crushing mountain trails or just making your daily commute that bit more exciting, this e-bike's a steadfast companion for any journey you set your heart on. Ride on, folks. Ride on.


  1. Powerful Motor: With its 750W BAFANG motor and a maximum torque of 85Nm, this e-bike is capable of tackling steep hills and rough terrains with ease.
  2. Battery Range: The 48V 15A lithium battery allows for up to 60 miles of travel on a single charge, making it suitable for long-distance rides or daily commutes.
  3. Versatility: This e-bike is designed to handle a wide range of terrains, from mountain trails to city streets, thanks to its all-terrain fat tires and robust frame.
  4. User-Friendly Design: The step-through frame design allows for easy mounting and dismounting, which is particularly useful for those with mobility issues or prefer ease of access.
  5. Safety Features: Features such as hydraulic brakes, a power-off function on the brake handle, and a sturdy hub axle all contribute to a safer ride.
  6. Extra Features: Additional features like multiple riding and assist modes, a SHIMANO 7-speed shift system, anti-theft measures for the battery, and a carrying capacity of up to 400 lbs make this a highly customizable and versatile e-bike.


  1. Weight: At nearly 74 lbs, the ASOMTOM E300 is heavier than many other e-bikes on the market, which could make it harder to transport or carry up and down stairs.
  2. Price: While the price point of $1,199 is reasonable for an e-bike with these features, it may still be considered expensive for some buyers.
  3. Limited Shipping: Free shipping is currently only available to the lower 48 states in the U.S, which may be inconvenient for potential buyers living elsewhere.
  4. Battery Charging Time: The 4-6 hour charging time might be seen as a downside for those needing a quicker turnaround.
  5. Limited Rider Height: Recommended rider height ranges from 5'6″ to 6'8″, which may not accommodate all potential users.
  6. Limited Gear Range: With only a 7-speed gear shift system, riders who are used to a wider range of gears may find this limiting, particularly on varied terrains.

As with any product, it's crucial to consider these points in the context of your individual needs, preferences, and budget.

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