Arena Platform Cable machine in a box

Motorized constant resistance

The Arena is a platform with an integrated cable machine. It is designed to give your a full-body workout without the need for bulky gym equipment. The cable machine can up provide between 10-200 lbs of constant resistance for efficient muscle activations using a high-torque motorized resistance system and electronic feedback control.

Arena also tracks and logs your workouts in which the data can be accessed using the free Go Arena mobile app. The app also features tailored training goals and guided workouts.

The 36″x23.5″x9.5″ platform weighs 55 lbs has a durable bedliner overcoat and aircraft-grade exoskeleton for grip and durability. Accessories that come with the Arena include a straight bar, squat belt, single-hand grip, ankle strap, tricep rope and an adjustable phone stand.

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