anymaka Portable Hammock Stand: Fastest Setup for Instant Relaxation

Fast setup for portable relaxation

In the realm of relaxation, there are few things that truly hit the mark. You might think I'm about to wax poetic about some exquisite resort or the feeling of the ocean lapping at my feet on a secluded beach. No, today we're exploring a different type of bliss – one that might surprise you. It's about finding comfort anywhere, anytime, in a form you wouldn't expect: the anymaka Portable Hammock Stand.

It's a nifty piece of kit that promises to set up in a trifling three seconds. As someone who's spent plenty of time in some far-off places, the speed of setting up your personal haven is paramount. And, let's face it, when the clouds roll in and the rain starts to fall, the last thing you want is a fiddly, time-consuming set-up.

This is where the anymaka comes in, boasting a snap-fold design. A single, smooth pull, and you're ready to hang your hammock. The accompanying travel bag is padded, ensuring the stand's safe transport. It's lightweight and fits nicely in the trunk of your car – making it a must-have companion for your next camping trip, park visit, or even a lazy day in the backyard.

Let's talk construction. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the anymaka is engineered for strength. It's not just a pretty face – this stand can support up to 550 lbs without batting an eye. The rust-resistant frame is sturdy and versatile, making it adaptable to various terrains. The wide, anti-slip feet provide stability, and ensure you're not going to flip over mid-siesta.

But the anymaka doesn't stop at convenience and durability. It's also designed with comfort in mind. You can switch between chair and lounge modes, making it a flexible companion for your relaxation needs. It's got eight tension adjustment points on each arm, allowing you to tailor it to your preferred posture. So, whether you're planning to doze off under the stars or sit back with a good book, the anymaka's got you covered.

The thoughtful add-ons are the icing on the cake. A rotatable canopy kit for when the sun is relentless, a cup holder to keep your favorite drink within arm's reach, and an ultralight double hammock that can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people. And did I mention the hammock is made from 40D diamond ripstop nylon fabric, a material known for its breathability and durability?

Currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, the anymaka is available for a pledge of $209, a fair price to pay for your portable piece of paradise. And if you fancy the add-ons, a $245 pledge will get you the full package.

Remember, we're not just talking about a hammock stand here. The anymaka Portable Hammock Stand is a call to reclaim your downtime, to luxuriate in the open air, to take a well-deserved break. It's about creating your personal haven, wherever you might be.

So next time you're out exploring, or even if you're just enjoying your backyard, consider this: the anymaka might just be the key to elevating your relaxation to a whole new level. It certainly has my stamp of approval.


  1. Rapid Set-Up: The anymaka Portable Hammock Stand sets up in just 3 seconds with its Snap-Fold design, perfect for those eager to start their relaxation time.
  2. Lightweight & Portable: Weighing only 23 lbs, the anymaka is easy to carry and fits conveniently in the trunk of a car. This makes it ideal for camping, park visits, or even for an impromptu backyard rest.
  3. Versatility in Modes: With two modes – chair and lounge – users can easily adjust their comfort settings based on whether they want to sit up or recline.
  4. Durable & Sturdy: The use of aircraft-grade aluminum means the anymaka is designed for strength and can support up to 550 lbs without any wobble or contact with the ground.
  5. Adjustable Tension: With 8 tension adjustment points, users can customize the stand to their preference, ensuring optimal comfort.
  6. Add-Ons: The option to include a double hammock, rotatable canopy kit, and cup holder enhances the overall convenience and comfort of the product.
  7. Rust-Resistant & Suitable for All Terrains: The anymaka is designed to withstand various weather conditions and terrains, ensuring longevity and stability.


  1. Requires Additional Purchase: For complete use, a third-party gathered-end hammock is required, which means an additional cost for the user if they don't already own one. Though there is a specific hammock available for purchase, it is an optional extra.
  2. Kickstarter Campaign: Currently, the anymaka is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. While crowdfunding campaigns can lead to innovative products, they also come with risks, such as potential delays in production or delivery.
  3. Higher Retail Price: While the Kickstarter pledge prices seem reasonable, the planned retail price of $349 for the stand alone and $438 for the full package might be a bit steep for some customers.
  4. Size When Folded: Even when packed away, the anymaka might still be bulky for some users. The case measures 41 inches long by 10 inches wide by 8 inches high, which could be cumbersome for some people to handle or fit into smaller vehicles.


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