Altra Paradigm – Zero Drop, Max Cushion, Lightweight

If zero drop shoes, also known as barefoot running shoes, are causing you injury problems it could be because of the lack of cushioning. If you think that's true, consider the Altra Paradigm. Like all barefoot running shoes, the heel and forefoot are the same distance to the ground except the Paradigm has plenty of cushioning to help reduce the shocks from running. There's also plenty of room in the foot-shaped toe box so your toes can relax and spread out naturally. Made for Trail Running, Road Running, Hiking, Fastpacking, and Ultra-marathons, the Paradigm weighs in at 9.1 oz.

WARNING: Despite all the claims of shoe manufacturers, the type of shoe you should wear for running depends on whether or not it's causing you pain or discomfort. If the type of shoe you're wearing is causing you pain, you should probably stop using it right away before it turns into a serious injury.

$160 Paradigm 6

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