Allied BC40: Embrace the Trail with Unmatched Versatility

Lightweight, customizable trail mastery

In an age when every day is ripe with opportunity for new discoveries, the Allied BC40 bike arrives like a much-anticipated summer sunrise over the mountain bike mecca of NWA. Born out of sheer love for the thrill of the ride and the intoxicating allure of the singletrack, this bike is not just a machine, it's a realization of dreams. It's a tool for transforming human effort into velocity, a symbol of freedom.

Each BC40 is a testament to Allied's dedication to craftsmanship. Every aspect of its creation occurs in-house at their Rogers, AR factory. From machining molds to perfecting the suspension linkage, to the hands of the expert team laying every single piece of carbon fiber, the bike echoes the heart and soul of those who built it. The result? A two-wheeled piece of art you can ride, a testament to the beauty of the human touch.

This isn't your standard run-of-the-mill bike. With a frame weight of a mere 1950g, or 4.3lbs for a size L, the BC40 embodies the epitome of lightweight design without compromising durability or strength. The balance achieved here allows for greater efficiency as you challenge the steep climbs, bringing you closer to the essence of the ride: freedom.

Designed with versatility in mind, the BC40 boasts a 120mm travel setup for both the front and rear, allowing for variations in fork and shock options down to 100mm. Its flexibility even extends to the parts. With options from SRAM, Shimano, Fox, and RockShox, the bike is essentially a canvas for you to craft your own ultimate ride.

The aggressive geometry of this bike is where it truly shines. With a 66.5-degree headtube angle and a 76-degree seat tube angle, the BC40 embraces the evolutionary needs of a modern cross country bike. It's all about balance, about placing your weight behind the front wheel for those exhilarating descents, and shifting forward when climbing, like a dance between rider and machine.

Accommodating for those epic, all-day rides, the BC40's design caters to your hydration needs. It features mounts for two bottles, a necessity for any serious adventurer.

With a custom paint job that makes your bike as unique as you are and tire clearance that accommodates 29×2.4 sizes across all frames, the BC40 is not just about the ride, it's about expression. After all, isn't that what being active is all about? Expressing ourselves, challenging our limits, and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

So, if you're a lover of the thrill of the trail, if you're someone who views every ride as a journey of discovery, then the Allied BC40 is your bike, your ticket to uncharted territories, your companion on the road less traveled. Just remember, the destination is not always the goal, but rather, it's the journey and the memories you make along the way.


  1. Made in-house: The Allied BC40 is entirely designed and built in-house at Allied's factory in Rogers, AR, which allows for excellent quality control and attention to detail.
  2. Lightweight Design: With a target frame weight of 1950g/4.3lbs for size L, this bike is impressively lightweight, a boon for riders tackling long rides or steep climbs.
  3. Customizable: The bike offers parts spec options from SRAM, Shimano, Fox, and RockShox, letting riders tailor the bike to their specific needs and preferences.
  4. Versatile Travel Options: The BC40 is set up with a standard 120mm travel front and rear, but can be adjusted to 110 or 100mm travel, offering adaptability to various riding conditions and styles.
  5. Aggressive Geometry: With a 66.5-degree headtube angle and a 76-degree seat tube angle, this bike is designed for optimized weight distribution during climbing and descending, which can improve handling and rider comfort.
  6. Dual Bottle Mounts: This is an excellent feature for longer rides where staying hydrated is critical.
  7. Personalized Aesthetics: Each bike can be custom-painted to the rider's preference, offering a personal touch not available with all bikes.


  1. Cost: Given the bespoke, in-house nature of the design and manufacture, the BC40 may come with a higher price tag than comparable mountain bikes from mass-produced brands.
  2. Limited Standover Height: All frame sizes have a standover height of 705mm (27.8″), which might not be suitable for all riders, especially those of shorter stature.
  3. Availability of Service: As Allied is a specific brand with specialized parts and design, getting service or replacement parts in non-urban areas or overseas might be a challenge.
  4. May be Over-Spec’d for Casual Riders: While the BC40's advanced features and performance specifications make it a dream for hardcore mountain bikers, casual riders might find it offers more than they need, which might not justify the potential higher cost.

$8,015 (starting)

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