Afterburner & Aviator Anti-Theft Lights

Slava Menn, an electrical engineer-turned entrepreneur from MIT, and Tivan, a product developer-turned entrepreneur from UPenn, have a friend who had his bike light stolen and got hit by a car. Since then the two buddies set out on a mission to protect city cyclists. They launched the world's first Theft-Resistant Bike Light on Kickstarter in 2012 and now the next step into achieving their mission is the Aviator Front Light and Afterburner Rear Light. Designed with the help of 1000 cyclists, both come with a lifetime anti-theft guarantee and are virtually indestructible.

The premium Boost version of the lights has three main modes: Boost, Bright, and Eco. There's also a flashing mode for all three settings. The normal version of the Aviator front light spits out 150 lumens, good enough for poorly lit paths. If you frequently venture into the dark and dangerous, the Aviator Boost can show you the way with 300 lumens of light. The normal version of the Afterburner rear light can catch a driver's attention with 30 lumens but for better safety, the Afterburner Boost can wake up drivers with 60 lumens.

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