Addmotor Graoopro: Unparalleled Electric Cargo Bike Performance

Innovative, Robust, Efficient, Versatile, Sustainable

In the densely packed jungle of e-mobility, a colorful creature emerges from the Californian landscapes – Addmotor’s Graoopro, offering a harmonious blend of lively electric power and practical cargo capabilities. Your journey on this innovative cargo electric bike, laced with hues of cutting-edge technology and a dash of vibrant style, will whisk you through miles, handling burdens with an ease that feels like cruising through serene seascapes.

Navigating through the urban chaos or tranquil trails, the Graoopro, with its 750W rear brushless gear motor, propels you forward, peaking at an exhilarating 1000 watts, whisking you away to places unseen and stories yet to be told. With a remarkable torque of 80Nm, it assures a steady and confident ride, even as it bears the weight of your load, making those uphill trails feel like smooth sails.

The dual battery system – a pioneering stroke – uniquely situates itself below the rear rack's plane, gently cradling up to 210 miles in a single charge while granting generous space for your belongings, souvenirs, or perhaps, the remnants of adventures gone by. The whisper of the wind becomes your constant companion as you embark on distant rides, the fear of battery depletion merely a distant echo.

Graoopro’s frame, meticulously crafted from durable 6061 aluminum alloy, bears the whispers of distant places, and the tales of roads less traveled. It's a vessel on land, accommodating every need, every cargo, with a sturdy, integrated rear rack and a payload capacity robust enough to uphold 450 lbs, all while maintaining its composure and stability across diverse terrains.

A subtle twist of the throttle, and you'll find yourself gliding, unburdened by the constant pedaling, with the 7-level Pedal Assist System standing by, ever-ready to swoop in and conserve your energy when the journey grows demanding. The mid-axis torque sensor, refined and sensitive, delivers an intuitive, responsive ride, conserving the energy of both rider and machine, a harmony of conservation and excitement.

On the deck, the patented integrated button and LCD display become your helm, a simple press guiding you through assistance levels, granting access to a sea of functionalities, ensuring that every detail of your journey is merely a glance away. And as day turns to night, the complete LED lighting system, both efficient and broad in its illumination, assures your passage through the twilight is both safe and visible, navigating under the watchful eyes of the stars above.

Then there's the price – $1,999, an investment, yes, but into a vessel that promises to transform your journeys, infusing them with ease, efficiency, and a dash of electrifying excitement.

Navigating through a sea of technical marvels, the Graoopro from Addmotor beckons not just as a mode of transport, but as an ally in every adventure, a silent companion in every story yet to unfold. For those who find joy in the journey, who seek the unheard tales whispered by distant lands, this isn’t merely a bike; it’s a promise of adventures yet to come. Let's set sail, shall we?


  1. Extensive Mileage: With the dual-battery system providing up to 210 miles on a single charge, it promises prolonged adventures and extensive usage without the anxiety of seeking a recharge point.
  2. High Payload Capacity: A maximum load capacity of 450 lbs ensures it can handle hefty cargo, providing practicality for both personal and business use.
  3. Robust Motor: The 750W rear brushless gear motor, which peaks at 1000W and 80Nm torque, assures power-packed and stable rides, even on inclines and under heavy loads.
  4. Sophisticated Display and Controls: An integrated button and high-resolution LCD display facilitate easy monitoring and control, keeping vital ride data visible and adjustable with simplicity and convenience.
  5. Enhanced Visibility: Comprehensive LED light system ensures optimal visibility and safety during nighttime rides, making it a feasible option for various times of the day.
  6. Versatile Cargo Options: The strategically located and spacious cargo area enables a flexible and accommodating space for various items, from groceries to delivery packages.
  7. Adjustable Components: Elements like the padded seat and handlebar can be adjusted for tailored riding comfort and posture, enhancing the user-friendly nature of the bike.


  1. Price: The starting price of $1,999 might be a significant investment for some individuals, potentially limiting its accessibility to a wider audience.
  2. Weight: With a hefty build to support cargo and the dual-battery system, the bike might be relatively heavy, which could impact maneuverability and storage.
  3. Complexity for Novices: The multitude of features and settings, while beneficial, might be overwhelming for beginners or those who prefer straightforward e-bike functionality.
  4. Size and Bulk: Its design and cargo capabilities, while impressive, might make the bike bulky or cumbersome in certain settings, particularly in densely populated urban environments where space is a premium.
  5. Charging Time: With 8-10 hours required to fully charge each battery, the downtime without an additional battery could be considerable for those looking to use the bike extensively throughout the day.
  6. Limited Aesthetic Appeal: The peculiar naming and potentially the design might not resonate with all demographics, somewhat narrowing its universal appeal.

The Graoopro has forged a noteworthy place in the e-bike arena, embedding within it both the charm of extensive functionality and the candidness of vibrant aesthetics. Balancing between the realms of robust practicality and subtle, intricate design nuances, it demands contemplation from those in pursuit of an electric chariot, tailoring to both their adventurous and pragmatic spirits. Whether it steers individuals toward distant horizons or becomes a steadfast ally in their daily conquests, it indeed has stitched a notable tapestry in the ever-expanding realm of e-mobility.


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