Tropicfeel All-Terrain America’s Cup: Sneakers for the Modern Explorer

Comfortable, durable, eco-friendly travel sneakers

Imagine you're on the deck of a sleek yacht, the wind whipping through your hair, the Mediterranean sun shining overhead. You’re in Barcelona, amidst the excitement of the 37th America's Cup. The thrill of the race, the salt of the sea, the call of adventure—it's intoxicating. And on your feet, the Tropicfeel All-Terrain America’s Cup editions, designed to keep you firmly planted in every sense.

These sneakers are more than just footwear; they’re your trusty companion for any journey, be it the high seas or the bustling streets of a foreign city. They boast a superior grip thanks to the new ATG™ tech, with 5.5mm of rubber thickness ensuring you stay steady on your path. Whether you're navigating a slippery deck or a rain-soaked alleyway, these shoes have got your back.

Comfort is paramount when you're constantly on the move. The ergonomic design and lightweight materials make every step feel effortless, a crucial feature when you’re exploring new terrains or standing for hours, mesmerized by the vibrant local culture. The All-Terrain sneakers are water-friendly too, crafted with AirTech™ and Drainsole™ technologies, allowing them to get wet and dry fast. No more soggy shoes slowing you down—just pure, unadulterated adventure.

The sprint laces and knot stopper adjustment mean you can slip them on and off in seconds. Perfect for those moments when you need to transition quickly from a day on the boat to an evening in a local taverna. And thanks to the anti-bacterial treatment by Aegis, they remain odor-free, even after the most strenuous of days.

Beyond their performance, these sneakers are a testament to sustainability. Made with recycled materials, they carry a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and water usage compared to conventional products. Every part, from the upper fabric to the midsole, incorporates recycled elements, aligning with a commitment to reduce, reuse, recycle, and regenerate. Even the packaging, crafted from 100% recycled cardboard, echoes this eco-conscious ethos.

Certified as a B Corp, Tropicfeel demonstrates transparency and a relentless drive to minimize their environmental footprint. This isn’t just marketing fluff—it’s a genuine commitment to making the world a better place, one step at a time.

Priced at €139, the All-Terrain America’s Cup editions are more than just a purchase; they’re an investment in comfort, performance, and sustainability. Whether you're a sailor chasing the horizon or a traveler exploring new shores, these sneakers are designed to keep pace with your relentless spirit of adventure.

So, lace up, step out, and let the journey begin. These are not just shoes—they’re a passport to new experiences, a testament to thoughtful design, and a nod to the world we strive to protect. Sail, explore, and live your dream. The world is waiting.


  1. Superior Grip: The ATG™ tech with 5.5mm rubber thickness ensures excellent traction, ideal for both sailing and urban adventures.
  2. Comfortable Wear: Ergonomic design and lightweight materials provide comfort for extended use.
  3. Water-Friendly: AirTech™ and Drainsole™ technologies allow the shoes to get wet and dry quickly, perfect for aquatic activities.
  4. Quick to Slip On: Sprint laces and knot stopper adjustment make them easy to put on and take off.
  5. Odorless: Anti-bacterial treatment by Aegis prevents unwanted odors, keeping the shoes fresh.
  6. Sustainable Materials: Made with recycled polyester, EVA, and rubber, contributing to lower CO2 emissions and water usage.
  7. Eco-Friendly Packaging: Packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard.
  8. Certified B Corp: Tropicfeel’s commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is validated by their B Corp certification.
  9. Versatile Use: Suitable for various activities, from sailing to exploring cities, offering flexibility in usage.


  1. Price: At €139, they may be considered expensive compared to other travel sneakers.
  2. Limited Color Options: The specific design might not appeal to everyone in terms of aesthetics.
  3. Availability: As a special edition for the America’s Cup, availability might be limited.
  4. Specific Fit: The ergonomic design might not be suitable for all foot shapes, potentially affecting comfort for some users.


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