Tonke EQV Nomad: The Future of Sustainable Nomadic Living with Induction Cooktop Technology

Sustainable, versatile e-camper for nomads

The nomadic spirit, forever searching for a destination as intriguing as the journey itself, finds a faithful companion in the recently unveiled Tonke EQV Nomad. This e-camper van is a remarkable piece of machinery, beautifully bridging the gap between the simpler, cost-effective EQV Adventure base model and the fully converted, pricier EQV Touring model.

The first aspect that piques my interest is the Nomad's focus on sustainable cooking. Breaking free from the traditional gas stove setup found in its sibling, the Adventure, the Nomad comes equipped with an induction cooktop, bringing efficiency and safety to your mobile kitchen. The days of lugging around gas cylinders are thankfully over.

The kitchen design itself is a piece of minimalist marvel. Ingeniously placed behind the driver’s seat, this three-block kitchen stack effortlessly transforms into an indoor or outdoor culinary setup. Slide the dual-burner induction cooker-topped midsection and the multipurpose kitchen top out the door for some open-air meal prep, or leave them intact for those less hospitable weather days.

But this van is more than a mobile kitchen, as the topmost unit of the kitchen structure also doubles up as a workspace, handy for all you digital nomads out there. Slide it behind the swiveled front passenger seat, pop open your laptop, and the world is your office.

In terms of power, a standard 230-V campground hookup is what you'll be needing. But if you're venturing off the grid, there's an option to add an EcoFlow power station with an integrated inverter and 230-V outlet. The power station, beyond facilitating your culinary adventures, also conveniently charges all the gadgets that are crucial for your work and communication needs.

The van's cozy living quarters deserve mention too. A rear bench that easily converts into a bed measuring 57 x 80-in (145 x 203-cm), with an optional tailgate drawer system beneath for all your essentials, creates a compact but comfortable living space. There's room for everything you need, from a 31-L fridge to camping equipment and luggage.

The Nomad boasts an impressive 201-hp electric drive and offers an estimated range of up to 224 miles (360 km). A perfect balance of power and endurance, I'd say.

And the price? With a tag of €77,019 ($85,750), it offers an impressive lineup of standard features, making it a potentially sound investment for digital nomads. Plus, the optional add-ons offer a way to customize your Nomad to suit your specific needs and lifestyle.

To me, the EQV Nomad isn't just another e-camper van. It’s a thoughtfully crafted tool for today's adventure-seeking digital nomad, with just the right blend of comfort, convenience, and sustainability. You can check it out for yourself at Tonke's demo day in Terheijden, NL, on August 5, and see how it compares to the standard Volkswagen ID. Buzz, which will also be on hand.

Safe travels, fellow wanderers. And may the road always rise up to meet you.


  1. Innovative Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen: The unique three-block kitchen stack is perfect for both indoor and outdoor cooking, giving users flexibility based on weather and personal preference.
  2. Sustainable Cooking: The induction cooktop is not just a safer alternative, but it also makes the e-camper more sustainable by eliminating the need for gas.
  3. Convertible Workspace: The topmost unit of the kitchen doubling up as a workstation provides an excellent facility for digital nomads to work from anywhere.
  4. Off-Grid Power Option: The addition of the EcoFlow power station means the van can go off-grid, a huge plus for those looking to venture into remote locations.
  5. Comfortable Living Space: The rear bench that converts into a bed, along with the available tailgate drawer system, provides a compact yet comfortable living space.
  6. Power and Range: With a 201-hp electric drive and an estimated range of 224 miles (360 km), the Nomad is both powerful and durable.
  7. Affordable Price: At €77,019 ($85,750), the Nomad offers an impressive array of standard features, which may make it a good deal for potential buyers.


  1. Limited Cooking Power Source: The standard 230-V campground hookup may limit where users can cook, especially if the optional EcoFlow power station isn't purchased.
  2. Compromised Storage: While the tailgate drawer system provides storage, the option to store a fridge or cooler could compromise space for other essentials, particularly for long trips.
  3. Limited Passenger Capacity: The van comes standard with only a three-seat rear bench, which might be a constraint for larger groups or families.
  4. Relatively Lower Range: Although the estimated range of 224 miles (360 km) is impressive for an e-camper, it could be considered low when compared to some other electric vehicles on the market.
  5. Optional Features Add to Cost: While the base model is relatively affordable, the cost can rise significantly if you opt for extra features like the EcoFlow power station, the compressor fridge, or the pop-up sleeper roof.

€77,019 ($85,750)

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