Thule Outset – Elevate Camping with the Latest in Hitch-Mounted Tents

Innovative, Hitch-Mounted Outdoor Shelter

Imagine the pulse of the city fading behind you as you venture towards the untamed paths, each mile taking you closer to the raw embrace of nature. There's something profoundly alluring about this dance with the wild, a rhythm that speaks to souls yearning for adventure and solace alike. And as you find your sanctuary in the midst of nature's grand design, you'll want a companion that not only respects the terrain but enhances your communion with it.

Enter the Thule Outset, a pioneer in the realm of outdoor habitats, setting the stage for what it means to truly dwell in nature's vast auditorium. With its launch in the late spring of 2024, this hitch-mounted tent is a harbinger of a new era of exploration. It's a marvel that takes the essence of both the quick-deploy ground tent and the elevated sanctuary of a rooftop abode, fusing them into a singular entity that mounts with ease upon your vehicle's hitch.

Picture this: as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky with strokes of fiery oranges and calming purples, you pull over, and within moments, the Thule Outset unfurls into a spacious haven. Elevated off the ground, you're not just sleeping under the stars, you're amongst them, cradled in a design that's as sleek and modern as it is robust and welcoming. The gentle colors of the tent blend with the dusk, a testament to a design philosophy that believes in harmony with the natural world.

The thoughtfulness of the Thule Outset's design is evident. It's not just about providing a shelter; it's about creating an experience. With the tent's integrated lighting, you never lose sight of the small comforts of home. And when the journey is over, its wheels whisper of convenience, ensuring storage is as effortless as setting up camp was.

First revealed to North American eyes at The SEMA Show 2023, the anticipation for the Thule Outset has been building, a crescendo that will meet its peak when it arrives in the U.S. market come September 2024. At about $4,300, it's an investment not just in a piece of equipment but in a philosophy that sees nature not as a backdrop but as a character in your story of adventure.

To those drawn to the world beyond the last lamppost, the Thule Outset isn't just another tent; it's a revolution in outdoor living. It's the promise of a good night's sleep, a whispering invitation from nature to come and explore her wonders, intimately and comfortably. As someone who has always sought the narrative in the nuances of travel and exploration, I see the Thule Outset as more than a product—it's a companion for those who find solace in the whispers of the wild, for whom every sunrise is a new chapter. It's for you, the adventurer, the dreamer, the seeker of silent symphonies played out in the wilderness. With Thule Outset, the revolution is not just coming; it's here.


  1. Innovative Design: Combines the benefits of a ground tent and a rooftop tent, offering an elevated sleeping platform.
  2. Ease of Use: Designed to be hitch-mounted, it is easy to deploy and doesn’t require the physical exertion of setting up a traditional tent.
  3. Durability: Rigorously tested materials ensure resilience against harsh weather conditions.
  4. Aesthetics: Features a sleek, modern silhouette and a calming color palette that blends into natural surroundings.
  5. Comfort: Provides a comfortable sleeping area to enhance the outdoor experience.
  6. Safety Features: Integrated brake and license plate lights add to the safety aspect of the tent when mounted on a vehicle.
  7. Portability: Wheels are included for easy storage and transportation when the tent is not in use.


  1. Weight: At 155 pounds, it may be considered heavy for some users and vehicles.
  2. Price Point: With an estimated price of about $4,300, it is a significant investment, potentially out of reach for budget-conscious adventurers.
  3. Vehicle Requirements: Requires a vehicle with a hitch, which may not be available to all potential users.
  4. Size Limitations: While spacious, it may not accommodate larger groups as comfortably as some ground tents.
  5. Market Availability: Not yet available until late spring of 2024, with a U.S. market release in September 2024, which requires waiting for those interested.
  6. Storage Considerations: While it has wheels, the tent’s size and weight may still pose storage challenges for those with limited space.


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