Thule Caprock S: Unleashing Boundless Adventures with Modular Design and Robust Load Capacity

Versatile, Durable, Modular

Well, isn't this a sturdy piece of craftsmanship? The Thule Caprock S is a siren call for wanderers and thrill-seekers alike. No, it doesn't ask you to settle down, it beckons you to the road less travelled, where the air is untamed and freedom whispers in every gust of wind. It's a silent promise of grand adventures that lay in wait.

Think of it as your vehicle's crown, waiting to hold all that you wish to carry along on your journey. This roof platform has a certain swagger to it. With a robust, yet refined build, it's ready to shoulder heavy loads and rugged adventures. And it does so without compromising the suave aesthetics of your vehicle. Now, isn't that something?

Its modularity is simply liberating. Fancy a rooftop tent? Go ahead. Need to lug some bulky gear? It's ready. It's got T-slots as versatile as the tales you'll tell of your travels. And it doesn't care what type of vehicle you have, it's built to fit a range of them, crossbars or not.

What's even more reassuring is that it has withstood the brutal scrutiny of the Thule Test Center™ in Hillerstorp, Sweden. Crash tests, wear and tear simulations, exposure to extreme conditions – it's weathered them all. This platform is more than just a product, it's a statement that safety and durability are non-negotiable.

This marvel comes in various sizes, catering to different vehicle dimensions and intended uses. Whether you're heading out for a peaceful weekend in the woods, embarking on a daring overland trip, or simply making space for that extra-large cooler – there's a size for you.

The low-profile design is an added bonus, cutting through the air to enhance fuel economy. It allows a load capacity up to 330 lbs / 150 kg, but don't forget to check your vehicle's maximum roof load capacity too. And if you fancy turning it into a cargo basket, there's a separate railing kit for that. The option of integrating Thule rack products or popular overlanding accessories like light bars, jacks, and other gear, is just the cherry on top.

In essence, the Thule Caprock S is an unwavering commitment to your adventurous spirit. It's not just a roof platform, it's an enabler, encouraging you to pack that extra bit of courage, gear, or simply memories. So, here's to the intrepid hearts who dare to venture where the roads end and the stories begin!


  1. Versatility: The Thule Caprock S has an adaptable design that caters to a variety of adventure needs. It can mount a range of Thule rack products, accommodate a rooftop tent, or support various accessories for overlanding, camping, and more.
  2. Heavy-Duty Load Capacity: It boasts a substantial load capacity that lets your vehicle carry bulky cargo with ease.
  3. Multiple Sizes: Available in various sizes, it suits different roof dimensions and use cases, making it a great fit for many customers.
  4. Tested Durability: With rigorous testing at the Thule Test Center™, this product promises robust durability and long-term performance.
  5. Aesthetic Design: Despite its rugged functionality, the sleek and low-profile design adds a sophisticated touch to your vehicle.
  6. Enhanced Fuel Economy: Its low profile design helps reduce air resistance, potentially improving fuel economy.
  7. Locks Included: An added security measure to protect your gear.


  1. Cost: At $899.95, this might be considered an investment purchase for some. However, given its durability and versatility, it could be well worth the cost in the long run.
  2. Installation: While it's designed to fit many vehicle types, installation might require some technical knowledge or professional assistance.
  3. Weight: Weighing 48.9 lbs, it might add noticeable weight to your vehicle which could impact fuel consumption.
  4. Accessories and Adapters Sold Separately: To maximize the use of this roof platform, such as converting it into a cargo basket or fitting it to specific Thule bars, additional purchases like the Thule Caprock Railing Kit or Thule Caprock Crossbar Kit are necessary.
  5. Vehicle Compatibility: While versatile, it's essential to verify the compatibility with your specific vehicle and also ensure your vehicle can handle the added weight.

In conclusion, the Thule Caprock S is a robust and versatile product for adventurers. Its range of features and the brand's commitment to safety and durability makes it a valuable addition to any journey. However, it's crucial to consider factors like cost, vehicle compatibility, and additional accessory purchases before making a decision.


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