Sportcaravan Cube 1: Revolutionizing Micro-Caravanning for Families

Compact, Innovative, Lightweight, Versatile, All-Season

Imagine hitting the road with everything you need packed into a compact, efficient space that promises adventure at every turn. That's exactly what the Sportcaravan Cube 1 offers. It's a brilliant example of how ingenuity can shrink the essentials of a family trip into a micro-caravan without losing the essence of what makes a getaway exciting.

The Cube 1 is the smallest member of the Sportcaravan family, but don't let its size fool you. This little marvel, weighing just over 700 lb, is a masterclass in space utilization and design. Despite its petite stature, it unfolds into a surprisingly spacious base camp, complete with an outdoor kitchen and a rooftop tent, making it a cozy shelter for a family of four. This transformation from a compact box into a functional living space is nothing short of magical.

What's fascinating about the Cube 1 is how it redefines the concept of a micro-caravan. With a length of just 10.5 feet and a height of 5.4 feet, it's incredibly garage-friendly and easy to maneuver. Yet, inside this small package lies a world of convenience. The double bed, smartly designed storage spaces, and slide-out shelf for an optional outdoor kitchen are just the beginning. There's also an innovative hatch that connects the rooftop tent to the main cabin, a feature that's especially handy for families with kids.

Sportcaravan's attention to detail extends to the Cube 1's all-season capabilities. Built with insulated fiberglass panels, and offering options like a ceramic heater, this trailer is ready for adventures year-round. This commitment to comfort and versatility makes the Cube 1 a standout choice for those who refuse to let the seasons dictate their travel plans.

Priced at around $14,000, the Cube 1 is an affordable entry into the world of micro-caravanning. And with a host of optional extras, from a portable toilet to a vacuum-insulated cooler, you can customize it to suit your needs. It's a testament to how small-scale trailers can deliver big experiences.

In essence, the Sportcaravan Cube 1 is more than just a trailer; it's a gateway to adventure, offering a blend of simplicity, functionality, and comfort. It's perfect for those who cherish freedom and flexibility in their travels, without compromising on the comforts of home. For families or individuals who love to explore, the Cube 1 is a little gem that promises big adventures.


  1. Compact Size: The Cube 1's small footprint makes it easy to store in a garage and navigate through tight spaces, enhancing its appeal for those with limited storage space or who frequent densely packed camping sites.
  2. Lightweight Design: Weighing just over 700 lb, it's one of the lightest trailers on the market, making it towable by a wide range of vehicles, including smaller cars.
  3. Innovative Space Utilization: Despite its compact dimensions, the Cube 1 cleverly accommodates a family of four, thanks to its expandable design, including an outdoor kitchen and a rooftop tent.
  4. All-Season Capability: Constructed with insulated fiberglass panels and optional heating, the Cube 1 is suited for year-round adventures, offering comfort regardless of the weather.
  5. Customization Options: With a variety of add-ons available, from a portable toilet to an insulated cooler, the Cube 1 can be tailored to meet specific travel needs and preferences.


  1. Limited Interior Space: While efficient, the Cube 1's small interior might feel cramped for some, especially during extended trips or for larger families.
  2. Basic Base Specification: The entry-level model is quite basic, necessitating additional expenses for those desiring more comfort or utility, such as the rooftop tent or outdoor kitchen setup.
  3. No Motorcycle Hauling: Unlike its larger counterparts in the Sportcaravan range, the Cube 1 cannot accommodate motorcycle hauling, limiting its appeal for motor-sport enthusiasts.
  4. Potential Overcrowding: The innovative use of space, while impressive, might lead to a cluttered interior, especially when fully utilizing the storage and sleeping areas.
  5. Weather Dependent Outdoor Kitchen: The slide-out shelf for the outdoor kitchen, while practical, might not be ideal in adverse weather conditions, limiting cooking options.

Starting €12,900

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