Precor Icarian Dip/Chin Assist adjusts to your strength with weight stacks

Easily builds up strength for pull-ups and dips

The Precor Icarian Dip/Chin Assist is a strength training machine designed to help users perform dips and chin-ups with assistance. The machine is manufactured by Precor, a well-known brand in the fitness industry.

The machine is equipped with an adjustable weight stacks up to 200 lbs, which allows users to customize the level of assistance they receive during their workout. This feature makes it a suitable training tool for both beginners and intermediate users.

The Dip/Chin Assist has multiple grip positions to accommodate different users' needs and preferences, making it versatile and suitable for a variety of exercises. The machine is designed to provide a smooth and stable movement, which helps to reduce the risk of injury and increase the effectiveness of the workout.

The Precor Icarian Dip/Chin Assist is a high-quality strength training machine that uses adjustable weight stacks to help the user gain enough strength with great efficiency to do be able to unassisted pull-ups and dips.

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