Patriot Campers Gen2: Revolutionizing Off-Road Adventures with Advanced Features and Innovative Design

Versatility, Automation, Comfort, Durability

Imagine yourself far from the noise of the city, immersed in the wild. Your night lit up by the whispering stars and the gentle warmth of a crackling campfire. It’s that vision that the people at Patriot Campers have turned into a reality with the GEN2 Model Range. This is your pass to adventure and freedom.

Firstly, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill campers. With these beasts, you’re not just going camping; you’re going on an expedition, an odyssey, a journey of discovery. Each model, from the X1-N to the X1 and the X3, comes with features that make setting up camp as effortless as possible, with intuitive controls and impressive automation. No more fumbling in the dark, or wrestling with complex instructions.

For the explorers out there, the X1-N is a sturdy chameleon, offering you the ability to adapt your camper to fit your changing needs. It offers a versatile platform for a variety of tents or storage options, depending on your specific adventure. As your desires change, so can your X1-N.

Meanwhile, the X1 offers a spacious and versatile space, catering to everyone from lone wolves to big, bustling families. It’s a homestead on wheels, ready to host a party of 2 or a gang of 6.

The X3, the first of its kind from Patriot Campers, offers a comfortable and convenient indoor living area. It's essentially an off-road capable hotel room on wheels, boasting an easy-to-use setup and an inviting indoor environment.

What makes these campers stand out is not just their adaptability, but also the state-of-the-art features that come with the GEN2 range. For starters, both the X1 and the X3 have remote-controlled composite hard roofs, an innovation that opens and closes at the touch of a button. It's just another example of the easy-to-use design philosophy that seems to permeate these campers.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. The X1 has been reimagined with busy families in mind, packing the entire tent, including the optional kids room, into the hard roof. It's all about time efficiency, which is vital when you're out exploring.

These campers come with kitchen spaces that would make even the most discerning camp cook proud. With a 30% larger design, they offer extended bench space. Add a larger 75L fridge compartment, a modern stainless steel sink, and new scratch-resistant bench tops, and you've got a kitchen that can rival some at-home setups.

Designed for both resilience and aesthetic appeal, the GEN2 models are made with a textured black, UV-stable, and impact-resistant exterior. The hot-dipped galvanized steel Rigilite chassis, the new patent-pending body panel construction, and a sophisticated battery management system ensure that these campers are as tough and reliable as they are luxurious.

Now, let's talk about comfort, because these campers have it in spades. From a new diesel hot water system to a tent heating system and plush, revamped lounge upholstery, every single detail has been considered to make your camping experience as enjoyable as possible. A generous 150L water tank means you can stay off the grid for longer periods, while newly designed gas bottle compartments make handling heavy gas bottles easier.

The GEN2 range is all about letting you experience the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of modern living. Full app-controlled LED lighting suite, powerful battery management, and increased braking capacity, ensure you’re safe and in control no matter where you go.

All in all, the GEN2 Model Range from Patriot Campers is more than just a range of campers; it's a call to the wild


  1. Versatility: The ability to customize the X1-N with a variety of tents or storage options makes this range adaptable to a broad range of camping needs.
  2. Ease of Use: Advanced features like remote-controlled composite hard roofs, and intuitive automation streamline the setup and breakdown process, making the camper easy to operate even for beginners.
  3. Space Efficient: The X1’s design, capable of sleeping 2-6 people, makes it ideal for both solo trips and family getaways.
  4. Durability: With a UV-stable, impact-resistant exterior, and hot-dipped galvanized steel Rigilite chassis, these campers are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  5. Comfort: With a new diesel hot water system, tent heating, and plush lounge upholstery, the GEN2 model range prioritizes camper comfort.
  6. Energy Management: The sophisticated battery management system allows for rapid charging and accepts multiple inputs simultaneously, ensuring you always have power.
  7. Convenience: Features like the larger kitchen area, increased fridge space, and app-controlled lighting suite add a level of convenience often missed in traditional campers.
  8. Safety: Upgraded braking capacity and high-voltage accessory shore power, which is especially beneficial for running high-draw appliances and electronics, boost the safety factor.


  1. Weight: These models are on the heavier side, which might make them challenging to tow with certain vehicles. This could also lead to increased fuel consumption.
  2. Cost: Given the extensive list of features and the high-quality materials used, the price point may be out of range for some prospective buyers.
  3. Size: The physical dimensions of the campers might make them difficult to maneuver or park in more congested campgrounds or areas with tight spaces.
  4. Complexity: While many of the features are designed for ease of use, the sheer number of features and their integration could potentially be overwhelming for some users.
  5. Maintenance: Given the advanced features and technologies involved, maintenance and repair might require specialized skills or professional help, potentially increasing the cost and hassle of upkeep.
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