Oru Designs’ Bruin: Experience Unmatched Weather Resistance and Generous Living Space

Lightweight, Robust, Spacious, Customizable, All-season

Imagine, if you will, stepping out into the wild frontier that stretches out for miles with the crisp air and the freedom to explore. In the midst of this untamed beauty, you spot the Bruin, an innovative creation from Oru Designs, sitting atop your trusty truck like a crown jewel. It’s an enchanting sight – a cocoon of warmth, a secure, light-weight micro-home in the heart of the wilderness.

The Bruin is constructed with a blend of soft and hard pop-up walls, presenting a beautifully designed, easy-to-set-up space that is weatherproof and well-ventilated. This robust design ensures that the Bruin is built to withstand the varying weather conditions throughout the year, becoming a reliable shelter in your wanderings.

Its four walls, made of an aluminum composite, are bolstered by thick fabric corners. This ingenious design provides an improved airflow and facilitates the folding motion required for the pop-up extension. Weighing around 300lb (136 kg) to 400lb (181 kg), the Bruin is light enough to not impede your truck’s performance but sturdy enough to combat the harshest off-road conditions.

The interior is a sanctuary of comfort, with a queen-size sleeping platform offering an ample sleeping space of 60 x 80 in (152 x 203 cm). It's nestled within the folding upper walls, promising sturdy protection against the elements. The Bruin isn’t merely a camper – it's your home away from home.

With a range of customizable packages to fit your budget and needs, the Bruin can be tailored to suit your individual adventure spirit. The basic Weekender at $8,499 provides the essentials – the pop-up roof, sleeping platform, and a rear hatch.

If you seek a touch of luxury, the Adventurer, at $11,499, adds windows, a driver-side access hatch, and a 4-in memory foam mattress, while the Pro package at $13,499 ups the ante with barn-style doors, an extra window, a passenger-side access hatch, and a Maxxair fan. It’s as if Oru is letting you pick and choose from a menu of experiences.

What's impressive is Oru's promise of versatility. It assures that the Bruin can be fitted to any truck bed, whether it's the petite 4.5-foot (1.4-m) bed on a Rivian R1T or the spacious 8-foot (2.4-m) bed on a full-size truck. Now, that’s the kind of adaptability an intrepid adventurer needs.

The Bruin’s construction is an artistic blend of resilience and lightweight, ensuring your journeys remain unhindered by excess weight. The waterproof seals keep the elements at bay, and the hard side tent walls add strength to this lightweight fortress.

Oru Designs' Bruin is not just another camper. It's an encapsulation of a truly immersive adventure experience. It's a sturdy yet lightweight refuge that lets you bask in the wilderness without compromising on comfort or style. Whether you are an intrepid explorer seeking solace in solitude or a spirited adventurer making memories with family, the Bruin is a ticket to your dream journey. So, get your gear ready and let the road guide your story.


  1. Versatile Construction: The hybrid hard/soft pop-up wall construction offers a unique blend of durability and flexibility, providing a weatherproof space that can easily set up and offers ample ventilation.
  2. Lightweight Yet Robust: Despite being robust enough to combat harsh off-road conditions, the Bruin is lightweight, thus ensuring it doesn’t impact your truck's performance.
  3. Generous Living Space: With its full-length pop top and a queen-size sleeping platform, the Bruin offers plenty of room for sleeping and living comfortably.
  4. Customizable Options: The availability of multiple price points and optional add-ons allow users to customize the Bruin according to their needs and budget.
  5. Versatile Fitting: Oru promises that the Bruin can be adapted to fit any truck bed, from the small ones like the 4.5-foot bed on the Rivian R1T to larger ones like an 8-foot bed on a full-size truck.


  1. Price Point: The base price starts at $8,499, which might be on the expensive side for some potential buyers, especially considering the cost of additional upgrades and options.
  2. Insulation: While the Bruin is advertised as a four-season design, the soft corners and optional quilted interior insulation kit suggest that the stock Bruin might be better suited to milder climates unless additional insulation is purchased.
  3. Add-On Heating System: For colder seasons, the Bruin lacks a built-in heating system, which would be an additional purchase and potentially a hassle for some customers.
  4. Limited Stock Features: The base model comes with quite a few limitations, such as a single rear hatch and no windows or side hatches. These features are only available as upgrades or in higher-end models.
  5. Interior Storage: While the Bruin provides good living and sleeping space, it doesn't appear to offer significant interior storage solutions. Any storage options seem to come from third-party companies, which may result in extra costs and potentially compromise the overall aesthetic and design.

Starting $8,499

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