Offtrack’s VW Camper: A Masterclass in Modern, Upscale Mobile Living

Elegant, Upscale, Functional, Customizable, Adventurous

For those who've always dreamt of embracing the open road with style and comfort, the German-based Offtrack has breathed new life into the iconic Volkswagen camper. A classic symbol of freedom and wanderlust, Volkswagen's California floor plan has been a favorite among road trippers for years. Yet, while many third-party camper builders have tried to replicate its charm, most fall short in offering a genuinely cozy and inviting mobile abode.

Offtrack, however, is changing the game. Based out of Hamburg, this ingenious team has taken the familiar VW California blueprint and elevated it to an aesthetic we'd more commonly associate with the pages of a high-end design magazine. The result? Possibly the most stylish T6.1 camper van 2023 has seen.

At the heart of their design is a commitment to balancing functionality with elegance. Most midsize Class B campers, like those based on the Volkswagen Transporter, tend to prioritize utility. And while that's essential, it often means that campers are greeted with the cold, industrial feel of bare van metal. Offtrack's creation, on the other hand, boasts the same multipurpose utility but infuses it with the ambiance of a more upscale RV.

The interior is a testament to thoughtful design. Natural, wood-style plank paneling adorns the doors, walls, and roof liner, while matching wood-look trim is seamlessly integrated into the countertop, cabinet faces, and floor. And for those who enjoy a touch of modernity, Offtrack cleverly pairs the warm wood with cool neutral tones. Buyers have the choice of white, gray, or black furniture, with the latter two colors beautifully contrasting the wood to evoke a rustic-modern vibe.

But it's not just about looks. Offtrack ensures the van remains practical. The kitchen block, stretching from the driver's side to a full-height rear wardrobe, retains its essential functions. So does the folding bench which transforms into a bed, and the removable dining table that's conveniently attached to the kitchen. The inclusion of features like a vessel sink, inset ceiling lighting, and a portable gas stove, combined with options like a stow-away induction cooker and under-counter fridge, mean travelers can enjoy a clutter-free journey.

As for the technical side of things, Offtrack gives its customers a choice between the used Volkswagen T6 or the brand-new T6.1. And for those who like to customize their rides, there's no shortage of options. From all-wheel drive, manual or automatic transmissions, to engine power choices, and a slew of camping amenities – think portable toilets, outdoor showers, and solar charging. There's even a range of off-road upgrades for the more adventurous souls.

In terms of pricing, Offtrack's offerings for the used T6 camper vans hover between €39,000 and €59,750. But for those who'd prefer a brand-new T6.1, the company offers an online configurator to help you tailor your dream camper and get a quote.

In essence, Offtrack has masterfully blended the best of both worlds – the nostalgia of the VW California with the luxury of modern design. It's a camper van not just for the road but for those who believe the journey should be as beautiful as the destination. And if I were to pick a vehicle to explore uncharted territories, this would undoubtedly be a top contender.


  1. Elevated Aesthetics: Offtrack has taken the classic VW California design and enhanced it, resulting in a camper that could grace the pages of a design magazine.
  2. Blend of Functionality and Luxury: While retaining the utility of a midsize Class B camper, it introduces the ambiance of a more upscale RV.
  3. Customizable Interiors: The wood-style plank paneling combined with a choice of neutral furniture colors allows buyers to personalize the interior to their taste.
  4. Multipurpose Utility: It maintains the essential functions of the traditional VW California, such as the driver's side kitchen block and folding bench/bed.
  5. Range of Technical Options: Buyers can choose between the used Volkswagen T6 or the brand-new T6.1, with options for all-wheel drive, different transmissions, and engine power choices.
  6. Comprehensive Camping Amenities: From portable toilets and outdoor showers to solar charging, Offtrack offers a slew of amenities that cater to diverse camping needs.
  7. Off-Road Upgrades: For the more adventurous, Offtrack provides off-road upgrades like a lift, all-terrain tires, and a snorkel.
  8. Detailed Online Configurator: Those interested can tailor their camper van using the company's online tool, ensuring they get exactly what they want.


  1. Price Range: The cost for the used T6 camper vans starts at €39,000, which might be steep for some potential buyers.
  2. Limited Change to Original Floor Plan: Despite the aesthetic upgrades, it retains the traditional California floor plan, which may not appeal to everyone.
  3. Single Entry Point: There's only one sliding side door for entry into the living area, which might limit accessibility for some users.
  4. Indoor Cooking and Food Prep: All cooking and food preparation are designed to be done inside, which might not be ideal for those who prefer outdoor cooking during their trips.

From €39,000

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