Mink Campers Unveils Mink-E: Your Eco-Friendly Escape Pod!

Eco-friendly, Stylish, Comfortable, Lightweight Camper

On the rough, mystical terrains of Iceland where the sky kisses the Earth with its ethereal lights, a new vessel awaits to take you through the Land of Fire & Ice. Greet the Mink-E from Mink Campers, a vision sculpted into a curvy, streamlined teardrop shape, an epitome of grace in the world of RVs and trailers, awaiting with open arms, the ardent travelers and whimsical explorers among you.

Iceland's Mink Campers, known for their aesthetic and efficient designs, have endowed the Mink-E with a splash of vibrant “electric” blue against stoic gray walls and roof, a hue so bold and invigorating, that even amidst the rich palette of Iceland’s pristine waters and blue-streaked glaciers, this beauty is bound to hold its ground and turn heads.

Sturdiness is a promise, with its fused ABS plastic construction, subtly integrated within the Solid Shell Structure. 30-mm walls guard the insides like the old castle walls whispering tales of valiant knights and legendary battles. With 19-mm of Armaflex insulation and a heater-fed AirFlow system, it pledges warmth in the frosty Icelandic nights and a cool breeze when summer graces the island. Not to forget, about a quarter of the camper is crafted from recyclable materials, tipping its hat to Mother Nature with respect and responsibility.

The Mink-E isn't just about its looks and the promise of comfort, it’s a leap into the future, a commitment to the environment with its all-electric amenity set, dutifully powered by an onboard battery coupled with an integrated solar charging system. The Mink-E casts away its dependence on diesel and gas appliances, embracing instead, the efficiency and simplicity of electric alternatives like the induction cooker and electric heater. Recharging is a breeze, with an exterior charging port ready for use, so you’re never too far from the comforts of a warm meal and cozy space.

And if your eyes are craving for the panoramic dance of the skies or simply the serenity of the night, the Mink-E features large, round windows and doors and a generous skylight, offering an unhindered view of the canvas above. Rest assured, comfort is guaranteed with a queen-sized RV mattress and an added cot-style bunk for a child, making it an ideal choice for small families with a heart full of wanderlust.

For all its charm and utility, the Mink-E comes at a base price of approximately $30,800, slightly premium but rightfully justified for the eco-conscious and aesthetically pleasing upgrades it brings to the table, making it a worthy investment for those itching for adventure but unwilling to compromise on comfort and sustainability.

To witness the magic, find the Mink-E making its first public appearance at the Motorhome & Caravan Show in Birmingham, UK. And perhaps, you might find yourselves lured into its embrace, ready to chart a course through the wild, enchanting terrains with the wind in your hair and a roadmap of dreams laid out ahead. For the Mink-E is more than a camper; it's a companion, reliable and steadfast, for those journeys where the destination is irrelevant, and the journey is everything.


  1. Eco-Friendly: The Mink-E has an all-electric amenity set, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to environmental sustainability.
  2. Lightweight Design: Weighing under 1,125 lb (510 kg), it’s designed for easy towing, making it compatible with all-electric tow vehicles and small ICE cars.
  3. Insulation: With 19-mm Armaflex insulation and an AirFlow ventilation system, it’s well-equipped for various climates, providing warmth in sub-freezing temperatures and cool airflow in warmer months.
  4. Recyclable Materials: Approximately 25% of the trailer’s content is recyclable, underlining Mink’s commitment to producing sustainable products.
  5. Distinctive Aesthetics: The electric blue against gray offers a unique and appealing look, ensuring it stands out in any landscape.
  6. Onboard Solar Charging: Integrated solar charging allows for prolonged use of electric amenities, promoting energy independence while on the road.
  7. Comfortable Interior: With a queen-size RV mattress and additional bunk, it provides comfortable sleeping arrangements for small families.
  8. Simple, Efficient Galley: The kitchen area is designed for efficiency and simplicity, now featuring an induction cooker.
  9. Visibility and Views: Large windows, round doors, and an overhead skylight offer expansive views of the surroundings and night sky.


  1. Price: With a starting price of approximately $30,800, the Mink-E is somewhat premium compared to the standard Mink 2.0 priced at around $26,750.
  2. Space: Given its compact design, space is limited inside the Mink-E, which might be a concern for some travelers.
  3. Limited Availability: As a product from Iceland, availability and servicing might be limited in certain regions or countries.
  4. Learning Curve: Users unfamiliar with all-electric and solar-powered appliances may face a learning curve to use the amenities efficiently.
  5. Capacity: The Mink-E is best suited for individuals or small families, as it may not accommodate larger groups comfortably.
  6. Charging Infrastructure Dependency: While it does feature solar charging, the Mink-E might still be dependent on available charging infrastructure in remote areas for optimal functionality.
  7. New Product Risks: As a newly launched product, there might be undiscovered issues or areas for improvement that will only become evident with use over time.

From $30,800

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