Master the Waves with Garmin’s Force Kraken: The Most Powerful Trolling Motor

Powerful, Precise, Quiet, Durable, Technologically-Advanced

Life on the water, whether it's casting lines in tranquil freshwater, battling the brackish murk, or braving the harsh saltwater, is a unique journey that offers up a different tale every time. It's not about what's at the end of the line, it's about the dance of the lure, the game of patience, the ebb and flow of the sea, and the boat that gets you there.

Enter the Garmin Force Kraken Trolling Motor, a beast of the abyss, as potent as it is precise. With its whisper-quiet 100 pounds of thrust, it promises to ease you into the dance with the ocean currents without frightening away your aquatic partners. That’s sheer power, the kind that can dominate waves and command respect on the water. Not to mention the added boon of longer run times, a feature that would let you lose track of time and focus solely on your game.

The Force Kraken, engineered with a generous shaft – available in 63″, 75″, and 90″ lengths – is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of boat sizes and configurations. It’s as if it were designed specifically for your boat, whether it’s a bay boat or a center console. So whether you have a deep V bay boat, a pontoon, or a center console demanding precision control, there's a Kraken for you.

Interestingly, this trolling motor is built to take the fight to the elements. Constructed with corrosion and saltwater protection in mind, it can endure the harshest marine environments. As I often like to say, it's not about surviving the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain. The Force Kraken seems to follow this mantra to the letter.

Its pivot-style mount promises easy installation, even in vessels where bow space comes at a premium. This essentially means more room for you and your gear – a thoughtful design decision that I appreciate. And in addition to this, it comes in two colors, black and white. Choose what fits your style and boat aesthetic best.

One feature that stood out to me is the Anchor Lock with multi-band GPS. This brilliant technology helps keep the boat in one place, effectively anchoring you in the water. It’s like having your own private parking space in the middle of the ocean. And with the addition of smartwatch integration, the control of this beastly motor can literally be at your fingertips.

Speaking of control, the Force Kraken also comes with a wireless remote. With this in hand, you can navigate the waters from anywhere in your boat. I like to think of it as holding the reins to a water beast, guiding it through the intricate dance of the waves with the simple point-and-go technology.

Another feature that caught my eye was the Livescope sonar cable management. It's quite a nifty innovation that makes life just that little bit easier. It’s designed to protect your LiveScope sonar cable by running the transducer cable through the trolling motor shaft.

At first glance, the price tag may seem a bit steep. But, when you consider the power, reliability, and ease of operation that you're getting, it starts to feel like an investment rather than an expense. Besides, can you really put a price on a dependable companion out there in the great, unpredictable wilderness of the sea?

In conclusion, if you're looking to take your fishing to a higher level or merely want to experience the best the marine world has to offer, the Garmin Force Kraken Trolling Motor is more than just a tool. It's an ally, a partner that allows you to master the art of the sea dance. And in my book, that's an invaluable companion to have on your boat.


  1. Powerful Motor: With a 100 lbs thrust, the Garmin Force Kraken is touted as the most powerful trolling motor on the market. It can easily navigate strong currents and winds.
  2. Long-Lasting Durability: Engineered to endure harsh marine environments, all components are built with advanced corrosion and saltwater protection. This feature extends the motor's life, making it a worthy long-term investment.
  3. Versatile Installation: Available in 63″, 75″, and 90″ shaft lengths, this motor is suitable for many different boat sizes and configurations. Its pivot-style mount allows easy installation even where bow space is limited.
  4. Integrated Advanced Technology: The inclusion of features like the Anchor Lock with multi-band GPS for precise boat positioning, smartwatch integration for steering and controls, and wireless remote navigation all enhance user convenience and the fishing experience.
  5. Quiet Operation: The Force Kraken operates extremely quietly both above and below the water. This is a crucial advantage, as it ensures the motor doesn't scare off fish.
  6. Efficient Energy Use: The brushless motor design ensures longer run times, allowing you to focus more on fishing and less on power management.


  1. Cost: The Garmin Force Kraken comes with a high price tag. While it offers many high-end features and durability, the initial cost may be a hurdle for some potential users.
  2. Size and Weight: Given its power and feature set, this motor may be bulkier and heavier than less powerful options. This could be an issue for smaller vessels or for those who prefer a lightweight setup.
  3. Complex Features: With a wide range of advanced features, there could be a steep learning curve for some users, particularly those less familiar with high-tech equipment.
  4. Limited Color Options: The Force Kraken is only available in black or white, which may not suit the aesthetic preferences of all users.
  5. Livescope Sonar Cable Not Included: While the Livescope sonar cable integration is a great feature, the actual cable and Livescope transducer are not included in the package and need to be purchased separately.

$3,899.99 (63″), $4,099.99 (75″), $4,299.99 (90″)

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