Leitner ACS ROOF & GearPOD: Carry More, Worry Less!

Innovative, Secure, Adjustable, Durable, Versatile

Travelers, wanderers, and the chronically restless: I've often been struck by the brilliance that emerges from solving real-world, road-borne challenges. Allow me to take you on a detour through a game-changing innovation in the world of vehicular storage.

Imagine you're heading out on an epic journey. Maybe it's that trip across the Mojave, the one you've daydreamed about during those droning office meetings. As your mind races through the landscape, there's one thing that keeps you grounded – where do you store all the essentials?

Enter the latest offerings from Leitner Designs. Their groundbreaking Leitner ACS ROOF Platform Rack coupled with the ACS GearPOD ROOF, promises more than just stowing away gear; it's about carrying memories, stargazing tools, or perhaps that forgotten stash of fine, aged whiskey.

What separates Leitner's ACS ROOF from the mundane is its revolutionary design. Traditional platform racks derive their strength from longitudinal load bars, but the ACS ROOF? Its power emanates from the exterior frame, leading to an ingenious advantage. Owners can personalize their rack with as many or as few load bars as their hearts desire, a testament to its patented mounting system. These load bars have a robust and wide design, guaranteeing not just space, but a sturdy grip on whatever treasure you entrust to them.

The ACS ROOF introduces another feature for the detail-oriented traveler – the ability to discreetly wire rooftop accessories. Say goodbye to messy external wires, unsightly zip ties, and hello to sleek, concealed wiring. Just remove the corner caps, and you're good to go.

For those with a penchant for coherence, the ACS Platform might just be your calling. Designed to be compatible with Leitner's ACS Forged bed racks, it offers an increased structural rigidity, a characteristic seldom found with other brands.

And then there's the GearPOD ROOF, a nod to efficient and practical storage. Its pioneering side-opening mechanism is not just about style; it's about optimizing space. Traditionally, the top of storage boxes was a no-go zone, but with the GearPOD ROOF, you've got an extra surface, capable of holding a whopping 100 pounds.

Security, too, is given its due. Forget the hassles of exterior straps and locks that are easy prey for the elements and potential thieves. The GearPOD ROOF incorporates an internal lock mechanism. And what's better? A single key that serves the dual purpose of locking the exterior and unlocking the GearPOD from the rack.

Leitner hasn’t stopped there. They've introduced twin accessory storage bags, designed to fit snugly inside the GearPOD ROOF. Think of these bags as the cherry on top, ensuring your gear remains organized and secure.

To put things in perspective, you're looking at prices starting from $699 for the GearPOD ROOF, $850 for the ACS Platform, and $1,300 for the ACS ROOF. And when you consider the craftsmanship, the innovative design, and the sheer practicality, it’s evident that with Leitner, you’re investing in more than just a product. You're investing in adventures waiting to happen.

So, whether you're setting off into the sunset, navigating treacherous terrains, or simply escaping the humdrum of daily life, remember that with Leitner Designs, you're not just carrying your world, you're embracing it. Safe travels.


  1. Versatility & Integration: Both the ACS ROOF and GearPOD ROOF are designed to work across various vehicles, giving users a seamless experience.
  2. Innovative Design: The ACS ROOF boasts infinitely adjustable load bars, allowing users to customize the number and arrangement of the bars.
  3. Enhanced Rigidity: Unlike traditional platform racks that rely on longitudinal load bars for strength, the ACS ROOF derives its strength from the exterior frame.
  4. Increased Storage: GearPOD ROOF's side-opening mechanism creates an additional storage space on top, capable of holding up to 100 pounds.
  5. Enhanced Security: GearPOD ROOF incorporates an internally mounted lock mechanism, protecting it from elements and potential theft.
  6. Single Key Convenience: One key serves multiple purposes – locking the GearPOD ROOF's exterior and detaching it from the rack.
  7. Clean Wiring Solution: The ACS ROOF allows for concealed wiring for rooftop accessories, eliminating messy external setups.
  8. Specialized Storage Bags: Twin accessory storage bags designed for the GearPOD ROOF enable better organization and security for the user's gear.


  1. Price Point: The GearPOD ROOF, ACS Platform, and ACS ROOF come at prices of $699, $850, and $1,300 respectively, which might be steep for some users.
  2. Installation Complexity: Given the versatility and adjustability, users might face challenges during installation and setup.
  3. Drilling Requirement: For mounting certain off-road essentials on the GearPOD ROOF, users need to drill into the pre-marked locations, which may deter some.
  4. Weight: While durable and robust, the ACS Platform and ACS ROOF can be hefty, with weights ranging from 56 to 60 pounds, potentially affecting vehicle fuel efficiency.
  5. Vehicle Compatibility: At launch, the ACS ROOF has limited vehicle compatibility, potentially excluding users with different vehicle models.

From $699

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