FJDynamics PowerSec MP2000: The Portable Power Station That Tames the Great Outdoors

Powerful, Robust, Versatile, Portable Power Station

The open road – a mesmerizing ribbon of asphalt stretching out to the horizon, a wanderer's friend and confidante. The tang of adventure is in the air, and with it, the need for reliable power sources that won't let you down when you're miles away from the nearest socket.

Enter the FJDynamics PowerSec MP2000 Portable Power Station – a bit of a mouthful, I'll grant you, but in my book, it earns every syllable.

I’ve come across some hefty units in my time, and this one certainly has a weighty aura to it, tipping the scales at over 60 lbs. But with that mass comes raw power, delivered in a neat black and yellow package. The unit's rugged ABS plastic exterior, coupled with rubberized corners, gives it a comforting toughness. An IP54 waterproof rating means it’ll shrug off a rain shower with ease, though I wouldn’t advise throwing it in the river.

But what good is an impenetrable exterior if the inside isn't up to snuff? Thankfully, the MP2000 is no slouch in the performance department. Boasting a massive 2000w output, it's capable of juicing up just about any gadget or appliance you might be traveling with, up to 99% of them according to the specifications. We're not just talking cellphones and laptops here – this beast can power a standard home refrigerator for 16-32 hours, potentially saving hundreds of dollars worth of food from spoiling.

The MP2000 is equipped with a 2264wh lithium-ion battery that charges to 100% in just 2 hours when connected to a wall outlet – impressive, given the size of this thing. I do wish, though, that FJDynamics had opted for the newer generation of lithium-ion batteries, as these tend to outperform the model found in the MP2000. However, the ability to swap out the battery somewhat makes up for this. An extra battery would set you back $1,199, but the flexibility it offers might be worth it for the true nomads among us.

Charging the MP2000 isn't limited to wall outlets. It can draw power from a 12V cigarette lighter or, if you're of a more eco-friendly persuasion, solar panels. Yes, these panels are an additional cost, and not a small one at that, but the promise of renewably generated power can be irresistible to some. Besides, if you're keen enough to invest in two 200W panels, they can be linked for a whopping 400W input.

Using the MP2000 is a breeze. A total of 12 output ports – including USB-C, USB-A, DC, and AC – are smartly arranged on the front, with protective rubber and plastic flaps to keep out the elements. A comprehensive LED window lets you monitor everything from battery life and charging status to wattage input and output. Fan cooling status is also displayed, though I've yet to hear the fans kick in during output – possibly due to my less power-hungry usage.

I see this power station being a hit with digital nomads, outdoor enthusiasts, and those of us with a penchant for straying off the beaten path. It may be a little on the heavy side, and the cost is not insignificant, but what price can you put on reliable power in the great outdoors?

In all, the FJDynamics PowerSec MP2000 Portable Power Station is a powerhouse of a unit that could become an indispensable part of your road-tripping gear. The beauty of it is in its flexibility, letting you choose the power source, the charging method, and the devices to power. You write the script, it brings the juice – and does so impressively. From powering refrigerators to keeping your phones and laptops charged, it fulfills a wide range of energy needs, often a necessity in the unpredictable wild. Whether you're camping under the stars or tailgating in a parking lot, the MP2000 comes to the rescue, adding comfort and convenience to your adventures.


  1. Massive Power Capacity: With a 2000w output and 2264wh lithium-ion battery, the FJDynamics PowerSec MP2000 can power a wide variety of devices, even up to a standard home refrigerator.
  2. Fast Charging: From a 0% battery, the MP2000 takes only 2 hours to charge to 100% when plugged into a wall outlet, which is fairly impressive for a power station of its size.
  3. Multi-Device Charging: This power station boasts 12 output ports (including USB-C, USB-A, DC, and AC), allowing for simultaneous charging of multiple devices.
  4. Solid Build: Housed in robust ABS plastic with rubberized corners, and featuring an IP54 waterproof rating, the MP2000 is built to withstand tough outdoor conditions.
  5. Replaceable Battery: The ability to swap out the lithium-ion battery for a fully charged one can extend the power station's utility on long trips away from conventional power sources.
  6. Informative LED Screen: The comprehensive LED window displays useful information such as battery life, input wattage, USB wattage output, AC wattage output, charging status, temperature status, and fan cooling status.


  1. Weight: At over 60 lbs, the MP2000 is quite hefty, which could pose challenges during transport or frequent movement.
  2. Cost: With a price tag of $1,699 and extra costs for additional features like the solar panels ($599 each) and replacement battery ($1,199), the MP2000 could be considered a significant investment.
  3. Battery Technology: Despite the advantages of lithium-ion batteries, the MP2000 uses an older generation of this technology, which may not perform as well as the newer lithium-ion batteries found in many other power stations.
  4. Battery Replacement Process: Replacing the battery isn't as simple as pulling it out – it involves unscrewing four screws, removing two brackets, and disconnecting a large connector, which could be inconvenient in some situations.
  5. Lack of Mobility Features: Considering its weight, the MP2000 could benefit from an extendable handle and wheels for easier movement.


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