FitBar Ball Grips for would-be ninja warriors

Force your forearms to work harder

The FitBar Ball Grips are designed to enhance grip strength and forearm muscles. These ball grips are 3″ in diameter and are made of high-performance thermoplastic material with surface texture designed for maximum hand grip engagement. The ball does not spin on the zinc-plated hook, which is securely attached via embedded fasteners.

The ball grip hook fit bars that have a 1 1/2″ diameter or less and are designed to be hooked onto pull-up bars or hung from straps and carabiners. But you could also attach them to barbells, dumbbells, or kettlebells for other types of exercises. There are no straps to deal with and all you have to do is hook it, making them easy to use regularly. They increase the difficulty of doing pull-ups and forces your forearms to work harder.

Using the FitBar Ball Grips can help you increase your grip strength, which has a wide range of benefits for your overall fitness. For example, improving your grip strength can help you perform better in sports, reduce your risk of injury, and even improve your ability to perform everyday tasks. The maximum user rating for each ball grip is 250 lbs.

For doing transfers from bar to bar like in some obstacles courses, the Ninja version of this ball grip is recommended. The FitBar Ninja Ball Grip is basically the as the regular Ball Grip except it has a longer hook.

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