EarthCruiser Extreme XTR6x6: Unleashing a New Off-Grid Adventure Era

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There are some vehicles out there that not only cater to one's hunger for adventure but also redefine what it means to embark on a journey, and EarthCruiser Australia's latest creation, the Land Cruiser Extreme 330 XTR6x6, is undoubtedly one of them. Imagine this as your chariot, exploring the vast expanse of the Outback, the bone-chilling plains of the Arctic, or the diverse landscapes of the Serengeti, yet, even in the most isolated spots, you remain a fingertip away from the heart of civilization.

Starting its life as a simple Toyota Land Cruiser 79, the vehicle undergoes a transformation that's nothing short of revolutionary. With the expertise of 6×6 Australia Pty Ltd, a New South Wales-based specialist, the Land Cruiser is fitted with a unique locomotive-inspired bogie-drive system, giving the beast a third driven axle. This not only adds muscle to its drive but enhances its adaptability to varying terrains, making those remote corners of the earth more accessible.

Driving it is bound to feel empowering. The power-divide differential ensures smooth highway rides, while the ARB air locker and the truck's other differential lockers can be activated when the going gets tough. Plus, with a ground clearance of 15.4 inches, rocky terrains will seem less daunting. Its impressive payload capacity – a staggering 6,600 lb – ensures that your expedition is stocked up with essentials and some indulgent comforts too.

Living in the XTR6x6 isn't about just finding shelter but enjoying a luxurious mobile castle. The motorhome module, crafted from a carbon-composite body, promises more space than its predecessors. A highlight for many will be the U-shaped rear kitchen. While optimized for a solo chef, the sprawling counter and a dual induction cooktop mean your meals aren't compromised. And storage? The 122-L fridge ensures cold drinks after a long day, and there's even a slide-out electric BBQ for those starry nights in the wilderness.

Sleep comes easy with a master bedroom featuring a double bed. There's also a convertible dinette for the third companion. And let's not overlook the ingenuity of the bathroom/mudroom combination, ensuring you can wash off the day's grime in privacy.

Staying connected isn't a luxury but a standard with the XTR6x6. Integrated Starlink internet ensures you’re connected no matter where you are. For those rare moments you find cellular range, a signal booster is at your service.

Comfort, both in temperature and amenities, isn’t overlooked. With both heating and air conditioning, the climates of your adventures won't compromise your stay. A massive 275 liters of fresh water storage ensures hydration, and the Arctic-grade heating package is ready for the coldest environments, going as low as -40°C (-40°F). And for those unexpected challenges? Tools such as a pressure washer, air compressor, chainsaw, and axe are ready and waiting.

While the exact price tag remains a mystery as of now, there’s no denying that this isn’t just a vehicle but a statement – a testament to mankind's desire to not just explore, but to do so in style and luxury. The EarthCruiser Extreme XTR6x6 isn't just a new vehicle; it's an invitation to a life less ordinary. So for those with a wanderlust that knows no bounds and pockets as deep as their sense of adventure, this might just be the passport to your next great story. Safe travels!


  1. Enhanced Mobility: With the addition of a third driven axle and a locomotive-inspired bogie-drive system, the XTR6x6 can traverse a wider range of terrains with ease.
  2. Ample Space: The XTR6x6 provides a more spacious living module compared to its predecessors, optimizing comfort during long journeys.
  3. Integrated Connectivity: The integrated Starlink internet ensures you're always connected, even in the most remote locations.
  4. Kitchen Amenities: Equipped with a spacious U-shaped kitchen, dual induction cooktop, a 122-L fridge, and an electric BBQ, it’s designed for optimal culinary experiences on the go.
  5. Advanced Navigation: Three onboard Garmin touchscreens, one of which comes loaded with Hema mapping, make off-road navigation more intuitive.
  6. Safety Features: The vehicle comes with ARB air locker and other differential lockers which can be activated during challenging terrains, ensuring safety.
  7. Self-sufficiency: With a robust 1,110-Ah lithium battery bank, 810 watts of solar panels, and a 200-A mine-spec alternator, the XTR6x6 is equipped for extended off-grid adventures.
  8. Comfort in Extreme Conditions: The vehicle is equipped with both air conditioning and heating, as well as Arctic-grade heating for extreme cold.


  1. Price: Though the exact figure is unspecified, it's hinted to be on the pricier side, potentially limiting its audience.
  2. Size and Maneuverability: While the added size provides more living space, it might make the vehicle harder to maneuver in certain tight spaces.
  3. Complexity: With so many features and systems, there could be a steeper learning curve for users unfamiliar with such advanced vehicles.
  4. Maintenance: Given its advanced systems and features, maintaining the XTR6x6 might require specialized knowledge, making it challenging in remote areas.
  5. Weight: With a significant payload capacity and added features, the vehicle's weight might pose challenges in specific terrains or for certain activities.
  6. Limited Sleeping Capacity: Despite its size and luxury, it sleeps only three people, which might be limiting for larger groups or families.
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