Dometic CFX3 45: The Ultimate Cooler for Off-Grid Adventure

Durable, Smart, Versatile, Powerful Cooler

Well, folks, you're in for a treat. What we have here is not just a cooler, it's a portable refrigerator – a technological marvel that'll make you forget about that old icebox in your garage. It's the Dometic CFX3 45, and it's everything you need for your weekend away or your epic road trip.

This contraption is powered by all sorts of modern magic – AC, DC, even solar. And it's not just a fancy cooler, it's a freezer that can hit temperatures as low as -7°F. That’s some serious coolness in the wild, my friends. And it achieves all this while sipping power – using less than a 60W light bulb. Isn't technology great?

Now, let's talk build quality. This beast can take a hit. It's ready for your off-road adventures with its heavy-duty, yet lightweight ExoFrame construction, aluminum alloy handles, and fender frames for protection. If this thing was a boxer, it'd be the heavyweight champ.

But this ain't just a brawny, tough-as-nails cooler, it's also got brains. The CFX3 connects to an app on your phone, letting you control and monitor temperatures from the comfort of your hammock. And don’t worry if you left the lid open after getting that celebratory brew, it'll ping you with a reminder.

But there's more. This beauty holds a whopping 46 liters. That's room for 67 cans of your favorite beverage, and then some. It's just begging to be the life of your party. And it does it all without a dairy compartment, giving you more space to store what matters to you.

The CFX3 also has a high-gloss TFT LCD user interface, an addition that's as stylish as it is useful. It shows the status of your cooler and adds a touch of class to your outdoor setup. Plus, the protective systems built into the display mean you don't have to baby it – dust and water splashes aren't going to spoil your day.

So, there you have it. This isn't just a cooler; it's a technological wonder that's ready to hit the road when you are. It's rugged, smart, and spacious. The Dometic CFX3 45 is, in my book, the ultimate cooler for those who love to be active and are serious about their outdoor adventures. For a weekend in the wild or a cross-country road trip, this is the companion you want. Your food will be safe, your drinks will be cold, and your peace of mind will be intact. At $949.99, it’s an investment, but an investment worth every penny. Now, go out there and start your adventure. The world is waiting.


  • Versatile Power Options: The CFX3 45 can run on AC (110-240), DC (12/24 V), and solar power, making it adaptable to different power sources and excellent for off-grid use.
  • Performance: It uses high-performing VMSO3 compressor cooling technology and can refrigerate and deep-freeze down to -7°F, a notable attribute for preserving food on long trips.
  • Smart Features: It's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, and you can control and monitor the temperature via the CFX3 App, adding a level of convenience not found in traditional coolers.
  • Durable Construction: The ExoFrame construction, aluminum alloy handles, and fender frame protected edges ensure that it's rugged enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.
  • Capacity: With a generous storage capacity of 46 liters, you can fit up to 67 cans, perfect for larger gatherings or extended trips.
  • Efficient Design: It's designed to provide a superior seal to retain cool air and minimize power consumption, which is important for energy conservation, especially in remote locations.


  • Price: The Dometic CFX3 45 is quite pricey at $949.99. This can be a significant deterrent for people on a tight budget or those who only occasionally need a cooler.
  • Weight and Size: While it’s built to be tough and durable, this also means it’s likely heavier and bulkier than a traditional cooler. If you have limited space in your vehicle or struggle with heavy lifting, it might be an issue.
  • Power Consumption: Despite being energy efficient for what it does, it still requires a power source. If you’re in a location without power and you don’t have solar panels or an adequate battery supply, you might find yourself in a tricky situation.
  • No Dual Zone: It’s a single zone cooler, which means you cannot set different areas to different temperatures. If you want to refrigerate some items and freeze others at the same time, this might be a limitation.
  • Short Warranty: Considering the cost, a 5-year limited warranty might feel inadequate for some buyers who would prefer a longer coverage period.

So, as with any purchase, you'll need to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks to decide if the Dometic CFX3 45 is the right fit for your outdoor adventures.


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