Citroën Type Holidays: The Ultimate Freedom Machine for True Explorers

Compact, Versatile, Stylish, Comfortable, Adventurous

The open road calls with the alluring whisper of adventure, and Citroën answers with the Type Holidays van. Introduced at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show, this vehicle isn’t merely transportation—it’s a canvas, painting a vision of travel unrestricted, unscripted, and unapologetically free.

Here's a machine with lineage tracing back to the iconic Type H, wearing its history not as a burden, but as a badge of honor, boasting a design language that speaks in whispers and gestures of its illustrious ancestry. But make no mistake, the Type Holidays is no mere nostalgia trip; it's a modern chariot crafted for the contemporary wanderer.

Drawing from the genetics of the SpaceTourer, the Type Holidays embeds comfort and ingenious features into its very fabric. Picture a pop-up roof yielding space to stand upright, bathing in the muted glow of dawn. A bench seat unfolds, almost magically, into a bed, while the kitchenette waits patiently in the corner for your culinary whims, accompanied by a fold-down table.

This vehicle stands as a testament to Citroën’s dedication to reinventing and rejuvenating the camper van market, announcing with silent confidence the inception of the “Holidays” range. A range destined to weave through the tapestry of roads, under the vast sky, encapsulating the spirit of freedom and shared joy that defines the brand.

But, what’s in the soul of this machine, you ask? It’s a mosaic of Citroën’s accrued expertise, a culmination of years spent perfecting the art of movement. With a reputation solidified in the leisure vehicle sector, the Type Holidays is not an experiment—it’s a declaration, a vision realized of travel unfettered and unbound.

Every detail is meticulously crafted to echo the song of the open road. The grey hue, unique, subtle, almost poetic, mirrors the aesthetic of the venerable Type H. There’s a certain charisma in its neo-retro body style, a product of collaboration with the Italian maestro of coachbuilding, Caselani. Each curve, each line, whispers stories, promising adventures waiting to be written in the ink of miles traveled.

Citroën doesn’t merely observe the burgeoning “van life” movement; it embraces it, weaving itself seamlessly into the tapestry of this cultural shift. The Type Holidays isn’t just a vehicle; it’s an experience, an invitation to traverse landscapes with eyes wide open and hearts unfettered.

And it seems the world is ready to accept this invitation. The allure of unbridled freedom, the prospect of waking up to a canvas painted with magnificent landscapes—these are not merely dreams but tangible, attainable experiences with the Type Holidays. With a height under two meters, this van navigates both the bustling labyrinth of the city and the serene, whispering solitude of the beach with equal grace.

“Van life” is no longer a fringe fantasy; it’s a symphony of voices, young and old, seeking the intoxicating blend of freedom and comfort. The Type Holidays is a response, a melody harmonizing with this chorus, offering not just a mode of transport but a lifestyle, accessible and enchanting.

Now, consider the interiors—a space where functionality dances gracefully with comfort. Within the confines of this van, “glamping” is not just a trendy term; it’s a reality. Space is abundant, comfort is prioritized, and every detail, from the two sliding side doors to the tailgate window, is designed with the traveler in mind.

Partnering with Bravia Mobil, a maestro wielding expertise like a painter’s brush, Citroën ensures the Type Holidays is equipped for the symphony of travel. Every element within its space, from the heating system to the storage solutions, is fine-tuned for the optimum travel experience, making this vehicle not just a means to reach a destination, but a destination in itself.

So, as the sun sets, casting long shadows and bathing the Type Holidays in a soft glow at the Düsseldorf Caravan Show, one thing is clear. This isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a journey, a story waiting to unfold under the vast, infinite canvas of the sky. With a retro exterior encapsulating a heart pulsating with modernity, the Type Holidays isn’t just about reaching a destination. It’s about savoring every moment, every mile, every adventure along the way. With the “Holidays” range on the horizon, the road awaits, and it promises to be spectacular.


  1. Heritage Design: Combines the iconic features of the Citroën Type H with modern amenities, offering a neo-retro aesthetic.
  2. Versatility: Derived from the Citroën SpaceTourer, it offers both comfort and the practicality of larger vehicles.
  3. Compact Size: Being less than 2 meters high, it can navigate both city streets and more remote locations, and can be parked in standard parking spaces.
  4. Fully-featured Interior: Includes a pop-up roof, convertible bench seat, kitchenette, and fold-down table, providing most home comforts on the go.
  5. Freedom: Embraces the growing “van life” trend, offering unrestricted freedom to travel.
  6. Specialized Design: The collaboration with Bravia Mobil, a leading specialist, ensures the van is optimized for travel and comfort.
  7. Budget-conscious: Designed for those who value independence and are budget-aware, reflecting a more affordable option in the camper van market.
  8. Diverse Use: Suitable for both daily use and extended travels, given its size and features.


  1. Space Limitations: While compact size offers several advantages, it might also limit storage space, especially for long trips or larger families.
  2. Market Saturation: The camper van market is fast-growing, meaning there’s a lot of competition and choices for consumers. The Type Holidays needs to stand out in a crowded market.
  3. Maintenance: With the multitude of features and amenities, there might be higher maintenance costs or more things that could potentially malfunction.
  4. Price Point: While it's aimed at being budget-conscious, the initial investment might still be significant for some potential buyers.
  5. Niche Appeal: The van life trend, while growing, might not appeal to everyone, potentially limiting the target audience.
  6. Fuel Efficiency: The document does not specify fuel efficiency, which can be a significant factor for travelers.
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