Campboks: Transform Your Van into a Luxury Mini-RV with Ease

Compact, Versatile Mini-RV Kit

Imagine wandering into the vast, open landscapes where the horizon stretches endlessly, blending sky and earth in a seamless expanse. There's a certain allure to the freedom of the road, the promise of adventure around every bend, and the simplicity of life condensed into the compact, efficient space of a van. In this spirit of wanderlust, the Austrian-designed Campboks emerges as a beacon for the modern nomad, ingeniously crafting a mini-RV experience that doesn't just cater to the basic needs of shelter and sustenance but elevates the entire camping experience to something quite remarkable.

At the heart of Campboks is a cleverly designed camper-in-a-box system that transforms a midsize van into a cozy retreat, complete with all the comforts one could desire from a home away from home. Unlike the traditional setups that limit themselves to a kitchen and a bed, Campboks introduces a delightful array of features designed to enhance the outdoor experience. Picture this: an outdoor dining set for enjoying meals under the canopy of stars, interior sofa lounges that beckon for leisurely afternoons with a book in hand, a workstation for those moments when inspiration strikes amidst nature, and even a bathroom setup that fits snugly within this ingenious kit.

What sets Campboks apart is its ability to pack such a comprehensive setup into a box that seamlessly integrates with a variety of midsize vans. This means you can enjoy the freedom of a comfortable getaway without the commitment of a dedicated vehicle. The system doesn't stray too far from the classic camper box kit formula, with its kitchen slide-outs and folding sleeper platform, but it introduces new twists that make all the difference. The inclusion of sliding benches and a central table top creates a quaint picnic area, perfect for sharing meals and stories.

The main kitchen area is a testament to Campboks' thoughtful design, incorporating a flip-up sink, a single-burner stove, and a compact refrigerator, all within easy reach. The addition of a shower attachment to the faucet is a clever touch, allowing for an outdoor shower experience. Storage solutions are smartly integrated, with cubbies and Euroboxes providing ample space for all your camping essentials.

For those seeking a bit more comfort, Campboks offers the Boxio products, which can replace one or two of the Euroboxes with complete toilet and sink systems. This innovative approach ensures that even in the wild, one doesn't have to compromise on basic comforts.

Sleeping arrangements in Campboks are equally thoughtful. The bed, with its unique A-frame design, doubles as interior and tailgate-area love seats during the day, transforming into a comfortable bed at night with minimal effort. This design not only maximizes space but also adds an element of versatility to the setup.

The Campboks kit, while adding a bit of weight to your vehicle, is designed to work with a range of midsize vans, making it accessible to a wide audience of adventure seekers. Its launch last year and presence at major RV shows have marked it as a standout innovation in the world of vehicular camping.

For those of us drawn to the call of the wild, the promise of discovery, and the joy of simple pleasures, Campboks represents more than just a camping kit; it embodies the spirit of adventure, the comfort of home, and the freedom to explore the world on our own terms. In a world that often feels bound by routines and walls, Campboks offers a gateway to the boundless, a reminder that sometimes, the most profound experiences come from the simplest of designs, thoughtfully executed.


  1. Versatility and Convenience: Campboks transforms a midsize van into a fully equipped mini-RV without requiring a dedicated vehicle, offering a flexible solution for adventurers who value both their everyday vehicle use and their escapades into nature.
  2. Comprehensive Features: Beyond the basic kitchen and bed setup, it includes amenities like interior sofa lounges, an outdoor dining set, a workstation, and even a bathroom setup, providing a comfortable and homely experience.
  3. Smart Storage Solutions: The inclusion of Euroboxes for storage and the integration of kitchen essentials within compact slide-outs ensure that every inch of space is efficiently utilized, keeping belongings organized and accessible.
  4. Innovative Bed Design: The A-frame bed design serves a dual purpose as interior and tailgate-area seating during the day, converting into a comfortable bed at night with minimal effort, showcasing a clever use of space.
  5. Outdoor Shower Capability: The kitchen faucet's shower attachment adds a layer of convenience, allowing for outdoor showers, which is a significant plus for outdoor enthusiasts looking to maintain some level of comfort while off the grid.


  1. Weight: At 309 lb (140 kg), Campboks is heavier than many other in-vehicle camping systems, which could impact fuel efficiency and the overall handling of the vehicle, particularly on longer trips or challenging terrains.
  2. Cost: With base prices ranging between approximately $7,100 to $8,600, not including add-ons like the Boxio dry separating toilet and Eurobox lids, the investment might be steep for casual campers or those on a tight budget.
  3. Complexity in Setup and Removal: While designed for ease of installation and removal, the comprehensive nature of the kit might require more time and effort to set up and dismantle compared to simpler camping solutions, potentially deterring those seeking a more straightforward setup.
  4. Limited to Midsize Vans: The system is designed to work with a specific range of European-market midsize vans, which might limit its applicability for individuals with different vehicle types or models not supported by the design.
  5. Privacy Concerns with Bathroom Setup: The optional bathroom setup, while convenient, may pose privacy issues, especially in crowded camping areas or for those who prefer more secluded facilities.

Starting $7,100

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