Camp365 T Model: Revolutionizing EV Camping Adventures

Aerodynamic, Spacious, Modern, Eco-friendly, Connected

Imagine packing up and heading out into the great unknown with a cabin that seems to defy the very conventions of space and time. The Camp365 T Model isn't just any old camper; it's the embodiment of modern-day escapism melded with innovation. Designed meticulously for EV pickup trucks, its aerodynamic architecture assures minimal energy consumption while on the road, letting you and your family drive further into the heart of nature.

When you reach that perfect, secluded spot, in mere minutes, this marvel transforms from a compact 4 feet wide unit into a spacious 9’ x 7’ cabin. A space so expansive, it comfortably accommodates up to four adults (or five if you've got the little ones along). Got a friend who's perpetually complaining about bumping their head in tight spaces? The 6’8” headroom will give them nothing to grumble about, ensuring everyone stays in good spirits.

The T Model doesn't just stop at spaciousness. It's designed for all seasons, ensuring that no matter when the call of the wild hits you, you're prepared. The dual-layer air gap insulation guarantees coziness, be it sweltering summer nights or chilly winter evenings. And as the world outside turns dark, you'll be cocooned in a gentle glow, thanks to the dimmable LED lights.

But what truly elevates this camper into a league of its own are the modern-day amenities. Want to whip up a feast after a long day of adventuring? An induction cooktop, both for inside and outside, awaits your culinary creativity. The 24-gallon water tank ensures there's always water for cooking, cleaning, or even a hot shower, internal or external, as you prefer. Thirsty for some wilderness WiFi? With Starlink satellite inclusion, the world remains at your fingertips, even if you're miles away from the nearest town.

And if you're worried about the T Model being too hefty for your mid-sized EV trucks like the Rivian R1 or the Tesla Cybertruck, let those fears dissipate. Weighing in between 700-800 lbs, it's light enough for smooth rides, yet solidly engineered for stability.

After your outdoor exploits, storage is a breeze. Detach it, tuck it into your garage corner, and voila – ready for the next adventure. And should you fancy a nap under the open sky, hammocks beckon for a snooze in the shade.

With all these features, you'd think there might be some compromise on the eco-front, but the Camp365 T Model remains committed to green living. Solar panels power the vast array of amenities, and its commitment to 100% electrification, combined with the advanced materials that prevent mold or rot, shows a clear commitment to both nature and user.

The road beckons, and the Camp365 T Model seems to whisper, “Why wait?” It's a rare combination of luxury and practicality, innovation, and comfort. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a seasoned traveler, this camper offers a fresh perspective on what it means to be ‘off the grid'. An adventure awaits, and the Camp365 T Model promises to make it unforgettable.


  1. Aerodynamic Design: Optimized for minimal energy consumption, making it ideal for electric vehicles and enhancing their range.
  2. Space-Efficient Transformation: Compact when stored (only 4 feet wide), but expands to a spacious 9’ x 7’ cabin, accommodating up to four to five people.
  3. All-Season Readiness: Insulated walls suitable for any season, equipped with a dual-layer air gap insulation.
  4. Modern Amenities: Comes with features such as an induction cooktop, hot-water shower, interior/exterior table, electric heater, and air conditioner.
  5. Connectivity in Seclusion: Inclusion of Starlink Satellite provides internet connectivity even in remote areas.
  6. Eco-Friendly: Solar panels provide power, emphasizing green living and sustainability.
  7. High Durability: Made with advanced materials resistant to mold, mildew, and rot.
  8. Versatile Storage Solutions: Multiple storage options, including racks for bikes, kayaks, or paddleboards, ensuring gear is safe and secure.
  9. Easy Setup & Storage: Quick transformation process with patented lift assist technology, and its design allows for simple garage storage.
  10. Compatible with Popular EVs: Designed with mid-size EV trucks like the Rivian R1 and Tesla Cybertruck in mind.


  1. Weight Concerns: Even though optimized for EVs, the 700-800 lbs weight might impact the vehicle's range to some extent.
  2. Space Limitations: While it can sleep four to five people, it might feel cramped if fully occupied for longer durations.
  3. Price Point: Modern amenities and advanced materials might make the T Model a pricey investment compared to traditional campers.
  4. Dependence on Solar Power: While eco-friendly, cloudy or rainy days might impact the efficiency of the solar panels, affecting the power supply.
  5. Internet Reliability: Even with Starlink, certain very remote locations might still have patchy internet connectivity.
  6. Learning Curve: First-time users might require some time to familiarize themselves with the setup, takedown, and all functionalities.
  7. Maintenance: With so many advanced features, potential repairs or replacements could be costly and require specialized service.
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