Bürstner Habiton: Compact Camper, Larger-Than-Life Experiences

Compact, Innovative, Stylish, Versatile, Efficient

Look, let's get one thing straight: Traveling shouldn't be a burden. It's an act of freedom, an assertion of curiosity and wanderlust, a foray into the unknown. And what better way to embrace this than with a companion that epitomizes the ethos of “Travel Small, Live Large”? Enter the Habiton micro-camper by Bürstner, unveiled at this year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.

You might recognize Bürstner from their midsize RVs, but this time they've rolled up with something a little different, something that speaks directly to the restless urbanite who craves open spaces as much as downtown boutiques. Based on the Renault Kangoo, this machine is small enough to slip into multi-storey parking lots but punches way above its weight when it comes to comfort and innovation.

Sure, you're probably thinking this is just another mini-camper with a rooftop tent. But you'd be only half right. Developed in collaboration with Austrian company GentleTent, the inflatable roof is actually fused into a hard panel, which not only cuts down on the aerodynamic drag but adds a nifty hard wall that could come in handy during those gusty nights. A generous window preserves your views of the natural world, so you're never truly shut off from the scenery you traveled to enjoy.

The setup might not be as instant as pressing a button on your remote, but let's face it, part of the allure of camping is the ritual. You have your routines, and Bürstner has made sure that setting up your camp doesn't feel like a chore. About 15 minutes is all it takes to go from “Where's that damn tent peg?” to a homey, inflated abode. And get this—the tent spills over the side of the van, making your space feel that much larger, that much closer to the extravagance of the great outdoors.

But it's the attention to detail in the tailgate that turns a simple van into something closer to a home. A slide-out kitchen comes complete with a sink, induction cooktop, fridge box, and drawers—all framed in stylish, felt-trimmed modules. They've even thrown in a fold-out sleeping platform and inflatable mattress, expanding the sleeping space beyond what you'd expect from something this size.

Bürstner could have easily made this a gimmick, something flashy for the expo, but you can tell there's commitment here. There's an authenticity in their approach that makes me think the Habiton isn't just a concept; it's a vision of how we could, and perhaps should, experience the freedom of the road.

In an age where flexibility is key, where sustainability isn't just a buzzword but a necessity, the Habiton isn't just a product; it's a statement. It's about acknowledging that less can, indeed, be more—that you can traverse cityscapes and landscapes with equal ease and panache. Young singles, couples, families with an eye for the trendy, this is your ride. Or more aptly, this is your journey—small in footprint but expansive in the possibilities it unlocks.

See you out there, wherever “there” might be.


  1. Compact Size, Big Features: Based on the Renault Kangoo, the Habiton is small enough to fit into multi-storey parking lots, making it highly practical for everyday use in urban settings.
  2. Innovative Roof Design: The inflatable, hard-panel roof is a unique feature that combines the best of both solid and tent-like structures. This cuts down aerodynamic drag, making it more fuel-efficient for travel.
  3. Quick Setup: Even though it's not instant, 15 minutes is a reasonable amount of time for setting up a comfortable camping area, especially one that offers this level of detail and features.
  4. Expandable Space: The inflatable tent extends over the side of the van, effectively increasing your living space when the vehicle is parked and set up.
  5. Integrated Amenities: The tailgate area is designed to include everything you'd need in a kitchen—sink, induction cooktop, fridge box, and drawers—while also incorporating extra sleeping spaces.
  6. Stylish Design: Designed for a younger, more style-conscious demographic, the Habiton doesn't skimp on aesthetics. The “Wohnfühlen” home-from-home feel aims to offer a comfortable yet stylish environment.
  7. Modularity: With removable kitchen units and an easily inflatable mattress, it's a cinch to transition from everyday use to camping mode.
  8. Sustainability: The focus on smaller size and efficiency is in line with current trends toward more sustainable travel options.


  1. Limited Space: While innovative, the Habiton is still a small vehicle, which may not be ideal for those who are accustomed to the roomy interiors of larger RVs.
  2. Setup Time: Although 15 minutes is relatively quick, it's not the ‘zap of a remote control' that some might expect. This could be a drawback for those who prioritize instant setup.
  3. Weather Dependability: The hard-panel inflatable roof offers some advantages in windy conditions, but it's unclear how it would perform under more extreme weather circumstances.
  4. Cost: Innovative features and stylish designs often come with a hefty price tag. While cost details are not provided, it's safe to assume the Habiton won't be the cheapest option on the market.
  5. Concept Stage: As of now, the Habiton is still a concept vehicle. There is no guarantee it will make it to production, making its future availability uncertain.
  6. Target Demographic: The trendy design and features are tailored to a younger, urban audience, which may not appeal to everyone.
  7. Limited Off-Road Capabilities: Given its size and design, it's unlikely that the Habiton would offer the same off-road capabilities as larger, more rugged RVs or campers.
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