Born Primitive Savage 1: Your All-In-One Versatile Workout Shoe!

Versatile, stable, comfortable training footwear

Navigating through the myriad offerings of training footwear, there's something fundamentally striking about the Savage 1 Cross Trainer from Born Primitive. Enveloping a potent cocktail of stability, flexibility, and distinctive design, this is a shoe that silently converses with those who fiercely tread the rugged terrains of versatile workouts. From the gentle caress of a lightweight knit upper, ensuring your feet bask in the luxury of breathability, to a mesh tongue that whispers subtly of coolness and comfort, every element seems meticulously curated.

As we embark on the journey through the Savage 1, the wide toe box naturally courts your toes, granting them the liberty to splay with effortless grace. This 95mm space in a Size Men's 9 doesn’t merely host your feet, it celebrates them, establishing a foundation for superior balance and unbridled comfort amidst the intensity of athletic endeavors.

Then there’s the dual-density molded footbed, a sublime integration of purpose and comfort, where a denser realm at the heel staunchly supports stability during those heavy lifts, while a softer forefoot caress cushions every run, every jump, with a gentle embrace. With a modest 4mm drop, it’s a subtle nod to those who court both strength and gentleness in their athletic pursuits.

Embark further and the EVA compound midsole beckons, lightweight and yet boldly cushioning, high rebound, and unapologetically resilient. It's not merely a midsole; it’s an invitation to challenge, to leap, to dare, with the assurance of a supportive rebound.

Now, let’s tread lightly upon that highly durable molded rubber outsole. It's a masterpiece in itself, bestowing upon its wearer a vertical tread that ardently clasps lateral traction and a horizontal thread that staunchly affirms its grip on linear motion. It's a symphony of stability and assurance underfoot.

The visage of the TPU heel stabilizer and toe overlay provides not just a robust support but improved lateral stability, curating an experience of grounded security amidst the tempest of workout extremes. Lateral stability, that sometimes-elusive dance partner, is a core performer in this ensemble, playing its part with subtlety and efficacy.

Laces, often the unsung heroes of our athletic journey, in the Savage 1, are thoughtfully tubular, designed with a singular purpose – to stay tied, to stay true, amidst the throes of your most vigorous adventures.

As for its price point, the $130, it seems a modest ticket for a journey through meticulously engineered landscapes, where every step, every leap, and every lift is not merely supported but celebrated with fervent, unwavering stability and purposeful design.

In the realm of intense, unrestrained workout experiences, the Savage 1 doesn’t just stand its ground; it fervently invites you to challenge yours. A steadfast companion in the multifaceted journey of training, from Olympic lifts to spirited sprints, this is more than footwear; it's a dedication to the relentless pursuit of athletic excellence. And so, the voyage through varied training intensities not only becomes a physical endeavor but a symbiotic relationship with a trainer that understands and unfailingly supports every stride, lift, and leap.


  1. Wide Toe Box: Provides ample space for natural toe splay, enhancing balance and comfort during various activities.
  2. Versatility: Designed to handle a wide range of training intensities, including strength, HIIT, and running, appealing to a wide range of athletes and workout enthusiasts.
  3. Dual-Density Footbed: Offers a stable heel for lifting and a cushioned forefoot for comfort during running and jumping, ensuring a balanced performance.
  4. Breathability: With a lightweight knit upper and a mesh tongue, it ensures enhanced breathability, keeping the foot cool during intense workouts.
  5. Durable and Strategic Outsole: The molded rubber outsole with vertical and horizontal treads offers robust linear and lateral traction, providing a stable base for various movements.
  6. Supportive Design Features: TPU heel stabilizer and toe overlay improve lateral stability, enhancing performance and reducing the risk of injury.
  7. Innovative Lacing: Tubular laces are designed to stay tied, minimizing disruptions during workouts.


  1. Price: Priced at $130, it might be considered steep for some consumers, especially those new to fitness or on a tight budget.
  2. Specialized EVA Compound: Though it provides lightweight cushioning and rebound, its durability and long-term performance across varied workout terrains remain to be fully tested and validated by a wide user base.
  3. Fit and Comfort: The comfort associated with the wide toe box and dual-density footbed might vary among individuals, especially those with specific foot shapes or conditions.
  4. Design Aesthetics: Without more detailed insights into the aesthetic design, some might find the visual appeal secondary compared to other market options, especially if style is a key purchasing factor.
  5. Weight Distribution: Depending on individual preferences and workout styles, some users might find issues with the weight distribution due to the dual-density footbed.
  6. Brand Perception: As Born Primitive might be more recognized for apparel than footwear, some consumers may be hesitant to invest in their trainers without a well-established reputation in the footwear segment.

Every training shoe comes with its unique offering, aiming to meet the diverse needs of its intended user base. And while the Savage 1 seeks to envelop many desirable qualities into one model, the ultimate gauge of its success lies in how well it adapts to the myriad of users' demands and performance experiences in real-world applications.


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