BOBO by VanMe: Transform Your Weekends with the Ultimate Camper & Cargo Hybrid!

Modular, off-road, spacious, stylish, versatile

Sometimes the journey isn't about the destination but how we get there, and with the BOBO camper from German camper innovator, VanMe, it feels like the road itself becomes a transformative experience. And I'm not talking about high-end hotels or posh resorts. I'm talking about genuine, grounded experiences – the kind you get from a camper trailer that can bring you closer to the heart of the places you travel.

At first glance, the BOBO might seem just like any other cargo trailer, but it's more than that. Its modularity is what truly impresses. The concept of a camper that can be stripped down to a basic cargo trailer during the week and then quickly transformed into a fully functional camper for weekend getaways is ingenious.

The BOBO comes in two sizes: the 10.1-ft base version and the 12.5-ft XL model. Their respective prices of €4,969 and €7,049 feel reasonable given the versatility they offer. These trailers, equipped with off-road tires, are more than just storage; they're an invitation to adventure.

The slide-out kitchen box, an integral module, promises an open-air cooking experience. I can already imagine preparing a hearty meal on its rugged checker plate worktop after a long day of hiking or beachcombing. The electrical module, stacked inside, is practically an all-in-one power station, ensuring you're never out of juice, whether for your kitchen appliances or your electronic devices.

What intrigues me is the “underground parking garage” – a cage-like unit for luggage and miscellaneous camping gear. Accompanied by two top slides, one for water canisters and the other to fit a fridge/freezer and grill, it's all designed for efficiency and easy access.

If sleeping under the stars isn’t your thing, the optional Airhome Maggiolina hardshell rooftop tent is an enticing add-on. And for those seeking a touch of luxury? A deployable shower room with a dry separating toilet.

The exterior tie-down track, which can be used for holding various accessories, just adds another layer of customization to the BOBO, making it as unique as the traveler using it.

In comparison to similar trailers, like the Blackcamp Freeda, BOBO's full-blown modularity is what sets it apart. It's not just about camping; it's about the freedom to choose your journey, to customize it, and to change it up whenever the mood strikes.

In conclusion, the BOBO is more than just a camper trailer. It's a statement of flexibility, innovation, and the pursuit of authentic experiences. For those with a wanderlust that's as adaptable as the paths they tread, the BOBO feels like the right companion. Journey on, adventurers.


  1. Modularity: BOBO's design is incredibly flexible, allowing owners to customize the interior with different modules based on their needs.
  2. Multi-functional: Can function both as a cargo trailer during the week and a camper for the weekend.
  3. Off-Road Ready: The off-road tires and robust build make it suitable for different terrains.
  4. Space Efficient: The pull-out modules, especially the kitchen and storage units, maximize space and utility.
  5. Electrical Capabilities: The E-Module provides a comprehensive electrical system, from USB ports to a 100-Ah lithium battery.
  6. Expandable Accommodations: The option to add a hardshell rooftop tent provides sleeping space, making it an all-in-one camping solution.
  7. High Payload Capacity: Can handle a payload of up to 600kg.
  8. License Friendly: Can be driven with a B96 license without additional examinations.
  9. Stand Alone: Ability to decouple from the towing vehicle and leave it as a base camp.
  10. Stylish and Functional Design: The design, while sleek, doesn't sacrifice functionality, evident from features like step-on fenders and a hinged roof.


  1. Price: The full setup, especially when adding the optional modules and accessories, can be pricey.
  2. Setup Time: Depending on how many modules are being used, setting up and dismantling might take time, especially for novices.
  3. Storage: While the modularity is a boon, you would need ample storage space for unused modules.
  4. Weight: Even though it has a high payload capacity, the base weight of 396kg might make it less suitable for smaller towing vehicles.
  5. Size Constraints: Even with the XL version, space can become a limiting factor for those looking for more extended camping experiences or larger families.
  6. Optional Add-ons: Essential features like the rooftop tent or the shower are add-ons, which means an additional cost.

Overall, the BOBO camper is an innovative and modular solution for those who love to camp but also need a utility trailer. The flexibility and design make it stand out, but potential buyers should be aware of the costs associated with the full experience.

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