ARB Earth Camper: Ultimate Off-Road Luxury Meets Compact Design for the Adventurous Spirit

Durable Luxury for Off-road Exploration

As a seasoned traveler with an adventurous heart, I find there's something irrefutably enticing about the road less traveled. And when the beaten path gets particularly rough, ARB's newly unveiled Earth Camper seems like the perfect comrade for the journey.

This beauty, a luxury full-featured, compact camper trailer, designed to triumph over punishing off-road terrain, is a testament to ARB's near half-century expertise in off-road and overland markets. The Earth Camper bears the spirit of Australia, and looks ready to take on the wild at the drop of a hat.

One of the most striking features is its unique chassis. Crafted from mandrel bent tubular steel instead of traditional box frames, this beastly creation offers astonishing rigidity and notably reduces weak points, perfect for when you're jouncing off-road. Its exoskeleton-style setup acts as a guardian angel, protecting the camper from trail obstacle impacts. It seems like ARB has given serious thought to fortification against impacts, a critical consideration for ardent off-roaders.

The advanced suspension system truly sets this camper apart, a feature almost reminiscent of the sophisticated suspension seen in some high-end 4x4s. Imagine tackling the notoriously long corrugated roads that crisscross Australia, with nearly 3-foot-long trailing arms providing impressive wheel travel and a smooth ride. The Earth Camper also employs vertically mounted Old Man Emu Nitrocharger shocks, which promises great control, both on and off the road.

The Earth Camper shell, thoughtfully designed, uses fiberglass-reinforced plastic coated in a cool grey-colored gel coat. The walls are considerably thick, with a substantial chunk of it being a foam core, which should provide efficient temperature and noise control inside. I appreciate the dust-suppression system built in, vital when you're whipping down a dusty track and don't want the outside elements to creep in.

The inside of this camper is quite a marvel, too. The sleeping area is both snug and spacious, with a queen-size bed. With windows that open, dual fans, ample lighting, and USB charging ports, you're promised a comfortable haven after a day of exploration. A thoughtful design touch is the rear-clamshell style, though it does seem to limit stealth camping as the bed access requires the clamshell to be down.

As someone who appreciates good food even on the road, I was truly thrilled by the full kitchen setup, complete with a hefty fridge/freezer, a big pull-out pantry, and a three-burner cooktop/sink combo. The freestanding awning shielding the entire kitchen area is a thoughtful addition, as is the fact that stove and hot water systems are powered by propane, making your outdoor culinary escapades less dependent on battery power.

Of course, if you want to bump up the luxury quotient, ARB offers an array of optional upgrades like a diesel heater, awning walls, and even a full ensuite/bathroom addition with running hot water.

The Earth Camper is currently only available in Australia, but there's hope it may land on North American shores in the future. Pricing, in my opinion, is on the steeper side, starting at around $50,000 USD, but when you consider the quality, features, and capabilities, it could be money well spent for serious adventurers who want a durable and reliable companion.

In conclusion, ARB's Earth Camper seems like an exciting foray into the camper trailer segment. With its resilient build, off-road capabilities, and thoughtful amenities, it promises to provide an unforgettable travel experience. So here's to thrilling journeys and conquering the wilderness – the Earth Camper way.


  1. Off-road Capability: The ARB Earth Camper is built for serious off-road conditions. Its unique mandrel bent tubular steel chassis, impressive suspension system, and all-terrain tires can handle challenging terrains, a huge plus for adventurous travelers.
  2. Durability and Protection: The camper's exoskeleton-style chassis provides added protection against trail obstacle impacts. Further protection comes in the form of a rock guard shield, paint protection film, front and rear mud flaps, and a large aluminum skid plate.
  3. High-quality Amenities: It boasts a full kitchen setup with a large fridge/freezer, a three-burner cooktop/sink combo, and substantial water tanks. The comfortable sleeping space, with a queen-size bed, dual fans, and ample lighting, also enhances the overall comfort.
  4. Dust-suppression System: This thoughtful addition keeps the interior clean, even when you're traversing dusty trails.
  5. Optional Upgrades: The ability to add features like a diesel heater, awning walls, and a full ensuite/bathroom gives owners the flexibility to customize the camper according to their needs.


  1. Stealth Camping Limitations: The design of the camper limits stealth camping. The bed access is only available with the rear clamshell down, which might not be ideal for those seeking a more discreet camping experience.
  2. Price: With a starting price of around $50,000 USD (which could go higher with shipping and other fees), the Earth Camper is a considerable investment.
  3. Limited Availability: As of now, it's only available in Australia. The lack of confirmed availability in North America or other regions might disappoint potential international customers.
  4. Size Constraints: While the camper is compact and designed for off-road use, its size might still pose challenges for extremely tight trails or smaller camping spaces.


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