The Unit 1 Helmet – Winter sport helmet headphones detachable

NIke Adapt Huarache Self-Lacing Shoes

The Problem with Helmet Headphones

Snow sports enthusiasts have been using headphones under their helmets for a long time. Some use normal earphones or headphones under the helmet. Others use specially designed helmet headphones that slot in the liner of compatible helmets.

They work great except when it's time to adjust the volume or change the tracks.

The Unit 1 Helmet

What type of shoe is Nike Huarache?

We mentioned that the Nike Adapt Huarache is not a basketball shoe.

It can be a casual running shoe or used for cross training. It looks so good you can also use it for fashion.

Charging the Nike Adapt Huarache?

The Adapt Huarache can be charged wirelessly on the included wireless charging pad.

A full charge takes about 30 minutes and can last for about 14 days of normal use.

You should not leave the shoes on the charger for more than 24 hours.

What's in the box?


  • Self-Lacing
  • Cool
  • Can be controlled via Siri
  • Can be controlled via Apple Watch


  • Expensive
  • Motor adds weight
  • Sells out quick


The Nike Self-Lacing Adapt Huarache retails for about $350 or £300 in the UK. It's a very expensive shoe but with the technology involved, many people are saying it's well worth the money.

However, the motor adds a bit of weight to shoe. If you want a shoe that maximizes your performance in sport or other activities, you're probably better off with cheaper alternatives.

The Nike Adapt Huarache is a cool and convenient shoe better suited for everyday use.

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