The Unit 1 Helmet – Winter sport helmet headphones detachable

The Problem with Helmet Headphones

Snow sports enthusiasts have been using headphones under their helmets for a long time. Some use normal earphones or headphones under the helmet. Others use specially designed helmet headphones that slot in the liner of compatible helmets.

They work great except when it's time to adjust the volume or change the tracks.

Another problem with most helmet headphones is that you can't use them without the helmet. So if you like listening to music on your headphones, you've had to take another one on your trip

Detachable Headphones with gloves-on control

The Unit 1 Helmet is a winter-sports helmet that comes with detachable headphones and glove-proof controls i.e. it can be easily controlled with gloves on. There's no need to take out your phone and then take off your gloves to adjust volume or change tracks. 

It also comes with walkie-talkie functionality for group communications on the slopes. The built-in mic also allows you to talk to Siri or Google Assistant.

When not on the slopes, you can easily unclip the headphones from the helmet and use it like normal headphones. No need to bring extra headphones on the ski trip.

The helmet's safety standard

The helmet itself has a ABS hard-shell and an EPS liner. It complies with ASTM 2040 and EN 1077B International Standards.

ASTM 2040:

"This specification defines performance requirements for helmets used in nonmotorized recreational snow sports. The hot, cold, and wet helmets shall be subjected to the dynamic strength retention test. The ambient helmet shall be subjected to the positional stability (roll-off) test. Anvils to be used for impact tests in this specification are described as follows: flat anvil, hemispherical anvil, and edge anvil. All impacting shall be performed in accordance with the specified requirements."

EN 1077 B International Standards:

EN-1077 is arguably the most common snow sport helmet standard.

Impact testing.
EN-1077 demands that no more than 250 G’s be transmitted to the head during impact testing. That’s a lower G threshold than required by either the Snell RS-98 or ASTM F2040 helmet standards. All in all, a very good thing.


  • Headphones usable without helmet
  • This is Gen 2 of the helmet i.e. much have been improved
  • Easy controls with gloves on
  • Affordable


  • Indiegogo project
  • No mic for external sound
  • Unproven audio quality


Why carry two headphones when one is enough? The Unit 1 is a great option for skiers or snowboarders who love to listen to music. 

Check out the indiegogo project.

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