TAO-Wellness – Isometric Exercise Device

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Turn downtime into exercise time with the TAO WellShell isometric exercise device. Isometric exercises are basically done by contracting your muscles without actually moving your limbs and can be done just about anywhere. Perfect for long flights or other commutes that involve sitting for long periods. The WellShell is the first mobile isometric exercise gadget we know of. It has pressure sensors to help make your isometric workouts much more effective by letting you know when to press harder or ease up, how long to hold each contraction, how many repetitions, and when to stop. The onboard accelerometer and gyroscope help determine the number of calories burned and can be used as a pedometer. It even has a heart-rate monitor. You get feedback from a combination of the OLED display and the app (IOS or Android). People who've tried it report that the experience of using the WellShell was surprisingly challenging.

Buy/More info $300

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