SOOT Electropack Volt Transformable Pack System

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For those always on the move carrying around their gadgets is the SOOT Electropack Volt, which can charge your devices for up to two weeks. Depending on how many gadgets and how much stuff you have, you can transform the SOOT into 3 distinct sizes to suit your needs:

The Mini Messenger
This is the smallest module of the pack, which can hold 10 litres; enough for a light jacket, a 1-liter water bottle, an iPad, a book, keys and some more small stuff. It also has a pouch for the battery that can charge 2 USB-powered devices at once.

The Commuter
Then there's the medium sized Commuter, 24 litres, comes with a laptop sleeve that fits a clunky 15-inch laptop. Other than the laptop, The Commuter can also fit some clothes, a toiletries bag, and a bit more. There's enough space for the daily commute to the office.

The Carry-on
Combining the two modules makes The Carry-On (34 litres), enough space for everything you need on a weekend getaway. When you're on the plane, you can put  the Commuter module in the luggage compartment and keep the Mini Messenger with all the stuff you need for the ride (iPad, reading material, etc.) within reach. The two modules can also be combined in a way that the pack becomes a full-volume backpack without separation between the two modules. Use this if you need a lot of gear to stuff in the pack.

The SOOT backpack was successfully funded at Kickstarter and if all goes well, soon will be ready for mass production.

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