SiOnyx Aurora vs GoPro vs Sony – a Night and Day Difference

Aurora on hand

Shooting video at night

If you’re going to shoot an action clip at night, a GoPro can do the trick if there’s enough light. 

But, with minimal lighting, a GoPro won’t cut it. You need something like the SiOnyx Aurora. It's a night action camera that can shoot video under low light conditions as if you're in a well-lit place.

See for yourself, the video produced by the Aurora at night compared to a GoPro 5 is pretty amazing. It’s a night and day difference.

If you do a lot of activities at night, like hunting and boating, the Aurora is a great camera to have.

Its excellent low-light performance is due to the 1” optical sensor. No other action camera out there has a bigger sensor.

None can compete with it in the low-light department at its price point, which is $719 right now

Unfortunately, delivery and sales is limited to the USA. (but you might find this on ebay one day if you're lucky)

Day time Performance

While the SiOnyx Aurora is the King of night-time action camera, it won’t beat the GoPro 6 during the day.

The Aurora can only shoot 720p .MOV videos at 8, 15, 24, 30, and 60 fps and take 9 megapixel photos.

But, if you need a night-time action camera, the Sionyx Aurora may be your best choice.

I'd be happy to use it just for what it is. 


Ultra Low Light CMOS

Night Vision

Moonless starlight capable


Color or monochrome


16mm; F/1.4, 2.0, 5.6 selectable


WiFi, USB 2.0


Micro SD 4-32 GB


Micro OLED display


Waterproof IP67


Rechargeable 2h continuous

Phone OS

iOS, Android


"While Aurora gives night a whole new perspective, it also delivers high-quality daytime color recordings."

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